Why is it important to have the right landscaping equipment for the right job?

Why is it important to have the right landscaping equipment for the right job?

The right piece of landscaping equipment for the job means maximizing the efficient of that task being performed. Labor is a constant challenge in our industry, so the right landscape equipment helps us to solve this challenge in many instances. Using a 11’-12’ mower in large area of grass gets the job done a whole lot quicker than a 60”–72” mower which means one crew member can do the work of many. This theory applies to our landscape maintenance crews, our landscape enhancement crews, our commercial irrigation crews, and our commercial tree maintenance crews.

It also plays a significant role in the safety of our landscape crews on each commercial property. If you can put a bucket truck on a tree trimming project versus a tree climber, it is a safer job for the crew member and takes less time. Utilizing equipment in this way also makes the job less strenuous which allows the worker a longer career, in many instances. Making sure that you have the right piece of equipment, from either a safety standpoint, or an efficiency standpoint, means we are working smarter and not harder.

As an example, we recently started maintenance on a premier commercial property in SW Houston. It has large lakes around it with 40 – 45 degree slopes. Instead of using a traditional 60-inch mower or even a tractor with a batwing mower for this area, we employed a specialized float that is designed to handle a grade like this. Therefore, we have a mower/ tractor that can truly handle those slopes versus utilizing a piece of landscaping equipment which could run into trouble potentially putting the operator in an unsafe situation.

Just like the difference between using a steel spade that you can find at Home Depot or Lowe’s versus using a more specialized commercial landscaping tool you can only find at a landscape contractor store. You will spend twice the amount of time to plant a tree or bedding material in tougher conditions or you can spend more on the tool and get the same work done in a fraction of the time with less output on your part. Which means, the right tool for the job not only saves LMC time and the crew member physical effort while providing a safer environment, it also saves the client money.

The service life of the equipment also benefits from using the right tool or equipment for the job. Using a smaller piece than necessary for the job puts extra strain on the equipment, which shortens its lifespan and can increase its downtime for repairs. Both of these factors can create inefficiencies on the commercial property maintenance. Our goal is to proactively view the job as a whole and maximize the safety of our crews as well as our productivity on the job. Not cutting corners with tools and equipment is important.


This means we are constantly on the lookout for new technology in the industry to keep our commercial landscaping on the cutting edge. (pun intended) New innovations are coming out all the time that make the machinery last longer, make them easier to use, and safer all around. Our team is constantly evaluating the benefits of adding machinery and tools of this sort to our fleet.

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