Can Poor Drainage Damage My Commercial Property?

Can Poor Drainage Damage My Commercial Property?

Because of Houston’s unpredictable weather and proximity to the Gulf Coast, our city often receives massive amounts of rainfall in short periods of time, resulting in flash floods and heavy rains throughout the area. Although rainfall might recede and drain away promptly in some areas of the city, there are many commercial properties that have poor property drainage, which can jeopardize their business. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at four ways poor property drainage can damage commercial properties, and why it’s crucial to have effective drainage.

Cracks In Hardscape Areas

In just a short amount of time, poor commercial property drainage can create cracks and damages in sidewalks, entrances, and other paved areas of the property. These damages are expensive to repair and replace, and the physical damages could lead to liability issues due to employee or customer injuries.

Water Damage In Nearby Buildings

Without proper drainage, standing or slow draining rainwater can seep into buildings, ruining the flooring, wiring, electronic equipment, plumbing, walls, furniture, and structural integrity of the building. Water damage can also create a health hazard for employees and visitors due to the potential for mold growth.  This can also create potential liability issues for commercial property managers that lease out retail or office space to other businesses, as water damage could ruin their company assets and equipment as well.

Develop Sinkholes

Sinkholes are a growing problem in the greater Houston area due to properties with poor drainage and shifting soil. This can create massive structural damages for commercial properties and result in immediate and even permanent closure for a business due to the unsafe conditions.

Damages To Trees and Landscapes

Poor drainage can lead to disease and insect infestations on otherwise healthy trees and landscape gardens. In addition, poor property drainage can result in soil erosion, exposing tree and plant roots that will quickly become vulnerable to the elements. Trees become structurally unstable and are more likely to topple over onto people or property.

If you’re a Houston area business owner or commercial property manager, it’s essential that you have proper drainage to protect all areas of your commercial site and avoid costly repairs and replacement costs. LMC can help with our professional, efficient, and effective Property Drainage Services. We ensure that your property’s trees, landscape gardens, and grass receive the benefit of rainfall while not suffering lasting damages from standing or slow draining water. In addition, commercial properties and assets are better protected from damages and liability issues. Contact LMC today about our Property Drainage Services, or go online to request a free consultation.

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