Why is proper irrigation so important for the health of your commercial landscape?

Why is proper irrigation so important for the health of your commercial landscape?

Water is a vital part of our own health, and the health of our lawns, shrubs, seasonal color, and trees. Any commercial property owner understands the critical need for regular watering. Understanding why proper irrigation is so important is crucial to maintaining a beautiful landscape.

One of the most obvious benefits of a commercial irrigation system is protecting your lawn, shrubs, and trees from inefficient watering and drought. A well-designed system ensures that your grass and plants are getting the proper amount of water. In dryer seasons, like the one we are currently experiencing in Houston, or periods of inadequate rain, an irrigation system can be the difference between brown grass and dying plants or having the best-looking commercial building in the area. Did you know that your property’s turf and landscapes will survive with less frequent, deep watering? The irrigation system stays on a little longer providing your plants deep watering.  This helps roots move downward resulting in longer-lasting, healthier, happier plants. While conserving water with less frequent watering you will also save money. Remember that established lawns require far less frequent watering than fresh turf.

Commercial irrigation systems use cutting-edge technology — such as water sensors, timers, and matched precipitation heads. These systems will carefully regulate the use of the right amount of water. The goal of commercial irrigation is not to waste any water. The most efficient way to be able to maintain your commercial property is by strategically planning and installing a commercial irrigation system. This will evenly distribute water on your shrubs, trees, and lawn without overwatering or watering unnecessary areas, such as sidewalks.

Irrigation systems specifically target areas of your commercial property for watering. Specialized irrigation components — such as drip systems — are exceptionally reliable at watering the root systems of flowers, trees, and shrubs. Watering the roots in this way can also help reduce the number of weeds popping up on your commercial property, as they will be deprived of water. Instead, the irrigation system only waters the correct shrubs, trees, and lawns, giving them an advantage over the weeds.

Along with preventing weeds from growing, an irrigation system can prevent the spread of fungi and other plant diseases. Incorrect watering of the commercial landscape can result in the collection of standing water droplets on the leaves, which encourages fungi to grow. When your irrigation systems distribute water evenly to your plants and shrubs, you will never have to deal with standing water on your commercial landscape.

Not only does a modern irrigation system benefit your commercial property’s image, but it also is good for the environment in several ways. Healthy lawns absorb harmful pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and a variety of other greenhouse gases. This process releases oxygen back into the air, making the air feel fresher. A healthy lawn also produces deep root systems that will prevent soil erosion in the future. During the summer, healthy lawns and plants generate a cooling effect. This natural process helps decrease the use of the central air conditioner, which means an irrigation system can help reduce your energy bill in the summer.

Having a professionally installed irrigation system on your commercial property is vital to the long-term health and appearance of your commercial property. Having this system inspected regularly is equally as important. Our team of licensed irrigators can evaluate your system and provide you with monthly reports for any necessary repairs or adjustments to keep your irrigation system, and therefore your commercial property performing at its best.

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