Does My Commercial Property Need Landscape Enhancements?

Does My Commercial Property Need Landscape Enhancements?

Older companies may find themselves in a place of stagnant growth and instability as they struggle to increase revenue and reach new customers. However, improvements and enhancements to their product or services can greatly improve their business outlook. Many commercial properties operate much in the same way, as a tired and outdated commercial landscape can benefit significantly from property enhancements and improvements. Today’s blog post looks at three reasons why a commercial property would be in need of landscape enhancements.

Incomplete Landscape Projects

Too often, people’s ideas often surpass the actual execution of those ideas. For example, some commercial property owners might dream of having beautiful water features, stunning landscape gardens, and a bounty of new trees added to their property, but might only have a small portion of their dream property completed. This can result in half-built landscape areas, bare areas of soil, poorly planted new trees, incomplete ornamental stonework and water features, or tree stumps left behind after tree removal. If a commercial property were saddled with incomplete landscape projects, this would be an ideal time for landscape enhancements to either finish the existing project or perform enhancements on a smaller scale.

Unappealing Appearance

Over time, all landscapes will look tired and outdated if they are not regularly maintained to refresh their look and improve soil health. A poorly maintained commercial landscape will quickly begin to experience poor growth for plants, grass, and trees, and will have an unwelcoming appearance. This often includes overgrown lawns, unkempt landscape gardens, noxious weed growth, or trees with heavy branches and thick foliage that keep grass from growing underneath. Commercial properties in this condition are prime candidates for Commercial Landscape Enhancements.

To Highlight New Construction Or Hide Problem Areas

Finally, another reason why a commercial property would benefit from landscape enhancements is if the company is undergoing new construction or has added renovations that should be highlighted with strategic landscaping and property lighting. New signage, expanded facilities, or a company remodel are all perfect examples of when a commercial property could benefit from landscape enhancements. Conversely, if there are construction zones or problem areas that are plainly visible to visitors or passersby, these can also be remedied through landscape enhancements such as strategic shrub or tree planting, or landscape lighting that focuses the eye away from less attractive areas.

LMC proudly offers Commercial Landscape Enhancements for commercial properties of all sizes and industries throughout the greater Houston area. Whether your business is an office complex, medical facility, educational campus, restaurant, or retail center, LMC can perform stunning Landscape Enhancements that transform the look, health, and value of your commercial property. Contact LMC today for more information about our Commercial Landscape Enhancement services, or go online to request a free consultation!

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