Four Keys to Smarter Water Management

Four Keys to Smarter Water Management

When it comes to saving commercial property owners money, few property enhancements can be as effective as smart water management. A smart irrigation system offers property owners a significant and tangible return on their property investment while also ensuring the property remains healthy, welcoming, and vibrant. In today’s blog post, we highlight four ways in which smart water management works to provide significant financial savings to commercial property owners and managers.

Smart Controllers

Like many industries, the irrigation system industry has welcomed technology improvements that have completely transformed the efficiency and longevity of irrigation systems. One example of this comes from smart controllers, which now include sensors to adjust sprinkler usage based on current weather conditions such as drought or extreme heat. This can greatly reduce overall water usage, especially in a city like Houston with rapidly changing weather conditions throughout the year. In addition, some smart controllers allow remote and even mobile access for constant monitoring or adjustment as needed.

Rain Sensors

Many older commercial properties have irrigation systems without rain sensors, meaning their system will continue watering even during a torrential rainstorm. As a result, they end up with higher water utility costs, wasted water resources, and oversaturated properties. However, by upgrading existing irrigation systems to include rain sensors, commercial properties can make watering more efficient and reduce both costs and water waste. Rain sensors can help ensure that the commercial property receives the correct amount of hydration from the combination of normal rainfall and irrigation.

Efficient Sprinkler Heads

Another technological improvement for irrigation systems is the introduction of efficient sprinkler heads. These innovative sprinkler heads mimic rainfall instead of the traditional spray, which is far more effective in providing deep moisture to the soil and promoting soil health. Older sprinkler heads tend to either use too much water pressure, damaging plants, or they use a fine mist, which can evaporate quickly in Houston’s hot climate.

Drip-Line Irrigation

Finally, the last way in which smart water management can save commercial properties money is through drip-line irrigation. This alternative to traditional sprinkler systems uses a series of lines and hoses to apply water directly to the soil instead of the grass, trees, or plants. The slow, steady application of water to the soil can result in a nearly 50% decrease in water usage, as well as a healthier property that can better withstand threats from diseaseinsect infestations, and drought.

LMC is pleased to offer a full range of top quality commercial irrigation services to properties throughout the greater Houston area. Our team of Landscape Professionals can work with you to develop a smart water management system that protects and promotes property health while also conserving water resources and overall landscape maintenance expenses. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation about our commercial irrigation services.

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