Does My Property Need Soil Aeration?

Does My Property Need Soil Aeration?

Trees and lawns can be deceiving for owners. Although on the outside they might appear relatively healthy and stable, in reality they can be struggling to thrive and grow, and signs might not become visible to the owner until it’s too late for the owner to intervene. Property health, and in particular soil health, should be a priority for all property owners to protect the beauty, value and health of their real estate investment. One way to help promote and protect property health is through soil aeration. Owners might wonder if their property needs soil aeration. The simple answer is YES! In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three ways your property can be positively impacted by soil aeration.

Helps Trees and Lawns In Declining Health

Over time soil can become compacted due to foot traffic or construction, making it harder for grass and landscape gardens to grow well because of a lack of water and nutrients. Soil aeration is the process of removing small plugs of soil throughout the property to allow water, air, and nutrients to better penetrate the roots of grass and garden plants. These small holes in the soil can be filled with a compost mix to stimulate growth and promote overall health. Trees can also benefit from aeration through Vertical Mulching, in which deep holes are drilled under the tree’s canopy and backfilled with a composite mixture of nutrients directly to the tree roots. 

Improves Drainage and Soil Erosion

Another benefit of soil aeration on a commercial property is that it can help soil absorb more water, reducing soil erosion and improving the aesthetic of the property. The increase in water absorption also improves rainfall drainage, which is especially important with the large number of properties within Houston’s flood plains.  Property owners do not have to face the added expense of replacing lost soil and potential property damage from property flooding. 

Reduces Future Landscape and Tree Care Costs

Soil aeration also offers property owners long-term benefits by reducing future tree care and landscaping costs. Soil aeration reduces the likelihood of owners needed to remove and replace grass, plants and trees that have suffered due to poor soil health. Trees, plants and flowers can better withstand threats to their health such as severe weather, invasive insects, or diseases, making them last much longer.

Property owners can reap remarkable benefits from the simple processes of soil aeration and vertical mulching. LMC offers efficient and safe soil aeration and vertical mulching services for commercial properties throughout the greater Houston area. Properties receive beneficial aeration, as well as having healthy organic compost applied to the soil to add valuable nutrients and microbes for maximum soil health.  LMC’s team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals can also perform a full range of tree and landscape maintenance services, such as lawn maintenancetree pruningtree plantingweed control services, and irrigation installation. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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