Are Your HOA Fees Paying For Substandard Landscaping and Maintenance?

Are Your HOA Fees Paying For Substandard Landscaping and Maintenance?

Many residents in the greater Houston area have started to receive a bill for their annual Homeowners Association fees. These fees typically cover the costs of community landscapingtree care, community pool maintenance, and upkeep for subdivision parks and walking areas. Although these annual HOA fees can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, many homeowners would be shocked to learn just how much of their HOA fees are paying for substandard or unattractive landscape maintenance.

Although Homeowner Associations are responsible with finding reliable and quality landscape maintenance contractors, many simply choose amateur landscapers and tree care workers based on cost alone, which can ultimately harm the value of the community. Choosing amateur and unskilled landscapers and tree workers can create significant problems for the residents of a community or subdivision, so it is critical to select an honest, professional, safety-oriented, and skilled landscape and tree service company, such as the team at LMC.

Hiring amateur and untrained landscapers and tree workers harms Houston-area communities in three specific ways. First, the work performed by amateur landscapers is often unattractive and unappealing, which can harm property values of homes within the subdivision or community. For gated neighborhoods or subdivisions with large signage, the landscaping near the entrances and exits should be inviting and appealing, with bold and vibrant colors and healthy plants and trees. When potential homebuyers drive past overgrown grass, dying plants in landscape gardens, and over pruned trees, they are much less likely to buy a home in that subdivision. For those homeowners trying to sell their homes within the subdivision, their poorly maintained neighborhood landscapes and trees may force them to lower their asking price in order to sell their home.

Secondly, neighborhood landscaping that is poorly maintained and unsightly can also lead to homeowner dissatisfaction, which can cause homeowners to sell their homes or complain more often to their HOA management company. Too often, residents are paying high HOA fees for poorly maintained entryways, weed-filled landscape gardens, and overgrown or misshaped trees caused by amateur landscapers and tree workers. Residents want to know that their hard earned dollars used to pay their annual HOA fees are being well spent to protect their home investment. Homeowners may consider the hiring of amateur and unskilled landscapers or tree workers for their community landscape maintenance as a signal that their HOA fees are not being well spent. Homeowners Associations that want to avoid contentious HOA meetings and unhappy residents should instead consider hiring high quality, reliable and skilled landscape maintenance contractors such as LMC for community upkeep.

Finally, when amateur landscapers and tree workers maintain subdivisions, their poor work can jeopardize the health and longevity of community turf, trees and landscape gardens, leading to added costs for the homeowner in the form of higher annual HOA fees. The cost of removing and replacing damaged or drought-stricken trees is far higher than simply hiring a quality, safety-oriented and expert team of Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists like LMC. Additionally, poorly maintained trees can become overgrown or uneven due to careless pruning, which can make them a hazard to residents in the community. For the safety of homeowners, their families and their property, Homeowners Associations throughout the greater Houston area need to avoid the amateur and untrained landscapers and tree workers, and instead entrust the beauty, health and value of their neighborhood to the experts at LMC.

LMC is a leader in the greater Houston area in providing exceptional landscape maintenance and safe, quality tree care to neighborhoods throughout the city. LMC’s team of Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists excel in installing and maintaining lush, healthy turf grass, vibrant landscape gardens and majestic and beautiful shade trees. Homeowners Associations in the greater Houston area can rely on LMC to provide thorough and reliable landscape and tree care services and protect the value of homes while utilizing industry-leading safety techniques and equipment. LMC offers a full range of tree care and landscape services such as lawn maintenancetree trimmingirrigation installation and maintenanceseasonal color and mulching, ornamental stonework, specialty and security lighting, decorative water features, soil aerationdeep root fertilizationbed and border weed control, and insect and disease treatmentContact LMC today to learn more about their Homeowners Association maintenance services, or go online to request a free consultation.

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