Homeowners Associations: Making Smarter Decisions For Your Neighborhood

Homeowners Associations: Making Smarter Decisions For Your Neighborhood

Preserving the beauty and property value of our communities is the job of every resident within our neighborhoods, but it is also a major priority of our area Homeowners Associations. These HOA groups strive to protect our property investments through the improvement and preservation of our shared community areas, such as entryways, medians, walkways, walking trails and community recreation areas.

The individuals elected to serve on their local Homeowners Association management boards are tasked with the assignment of preserving neighborhood values through the upkeep and maintenance of these shared areas to maximize the benefit to all area residents. As a result, it is of the utmost importance for Homeowners Associations to select lawn and tree care experts who can best care for their community property and keep them healthy year round.

Having your neighborhood regularly maintained and cared for not only protects overall property values, but it also fosters a sense of community pride for residents. Homeowners who enjoy lush, healthy outdoor areas within their subdivision tend to stay residents much longer, and those subdivisions are the envy of surrounding communities, thus protecting and increasing overall neighborhood stability.

LMC is pleased to be Houston’s single-source solution for all urban and suburban community areas in need of regular maintenance for shared neighborhood property. LMC’s Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals will carefully maintain and protect grassy areas, landscape gardens and shade trees throughout your neighborhood to improve and preserve overall property values and create vibrant exterior spaces for you and your neighbors to enjoy for years to come.

LMC offers Homeowners Associations a wide array of top-notch services for any sized community or neighborhood land, including maintenance on walking trails and parks, irrigation system installation and repair, specialty and security lighting, decorative stonework and walkways, and tree pruning and fertilization throughout the year. In addition, LMC is pleased to offer multi-year budgets and landscape management plans to help maximize landscape benefits while keeping maintenance expenses low, thus keeping residents happier.

If you would like more information on how LMC can partner with your Homeowners Association to transform your shared community land into fun, safe and beautiful outdoor spaces, request a consultation or call LMC for more information.

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