Commercial Landscape Improvements To Consider For The New Year

Commercial Landscape Improvements To Consider For The New Year

This time of the year, many Houston commercial property owners are busy finalizing budgets and developing business strategies for the coming year. One area that is important not to overlook is in regards to commercial landscape improvements. Simple but strategic changes can dramatically alter and improve the look, value and health of a commercial property. In today’s blog post, we’ll focus on three commercial landscape improvements to consider for 2015.

Update Exterior Landscaping and Seating

Commercial property owners and managers of retail areas or high-traffic office buildings should always consider updating exterior landscaping to create a welcoming and tranquil area. Improvements can include updating landscape gardens, creating or expanding outdoor seating, installing eye-catching ornamental stonework, or adding stunning seasonal plants and flowers. These simple changes can greatly improve the overall aesthetic of a commercial property.

Install Landscape Lighting

Professional landscape lighting is another property improvement that offers significant safety and aesthetic benefits to commercial property owners and managers. Landscape lighting can highlight architectural features of a commercial property, including business signage, entryways, water fountains, ornamental stonework, and beautiful landscape gardens. In addition, it can also improve security around the perimeter of the property and in parking areas, deterring thieves and vandals.

Add Beautiful Focal Points

When a commercial property lacks a focal point, this can diminish the visual appeal of a commercial site, office space or industrial park. By planting shade trees, installing water fountains, or adding exterior décor, commercial property owners can add a beautiful focal point to detract from less attractive parts of the commercial site, including utility lines, HVAC equipment, construction sites, or trash receptacles.

LMC takes pride in offering Houston commercial property owners and managers exceptional landscape and tree services to improve and protect property values and beauty. The Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals of LMC perform a full range of top-quality services, including Commercial Landscape ManagementTree PruningTree PlantingTree RemovalIrrigation Installation, Ornamental Stonework, Water Feature Installation, Seasonal Planting and Mulching, and Landscape Lighting. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!

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