How To Improve Your Commercial Property For Fall Weather

How To Improve Your Commercial Property For Fall Weather

Fall weather is gradually making its way to the Houston area, and with it comes a slowdown in growth among trees, plants, and lawns on commercial properties. While commercial sites do not usually need as much maintenance through the fall and winter months, they do benefit from proactive maintenance services that keep the property healthy and stable through the cooler months. In today’s LMC post, we discuss three ways to improve commercial properties in time for fall weather.

Seasonal Planting & Mulching

One of the best ways to protect your commercial site and enhance its beauty through the fall is through seasonal planting and the installation of healthy organic mulch. Seasonal plants can add a vibrant pop of color in landscape gardens, large plant containers, and entrances and walkways. The addition of organic mulch can protect trees and plants from colder weather and also minimize weed growth, further enhancing the beauty and health of the property.

Strategic Tree Pruning

Trees grow quickly through the summer months, but when fall weather arrives their growth slows down significantly. Because of the milder temperatures and slower growth period, fall is actually the best time to have trees pruned. Deciduous trees may begin to shed their leaves, and reveal broken or damaged limbs and branches that need to be pruned. Pruning flowering or fruit and nut trees can also encourage the tree to produce a greater yield in the spring and summer months, and also prevent overgrowth. In addition, pruning in the fall can give the tree ample time to heal and recover from pruning before spring growth.

Fall Fertilization

The brutal summer heat can leave a commercial property weakened and in need of replenished minerals and nutrients. Fertilization services can help stabilize and improve property healthy by applying needed nutrients into the soil where it can benefit the lawn and trees throughout the fall and winter months. In addition to helping grass stay healthy during the fall and winter months, fall fertilization also helps it achieve a deeper and thicker root system that can better withstand the heat and humidity next summer.

Commercial properties have endured a tremendous amount of stress this summer from both the intense summer heat and the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. Make sure your commercial property can get the nourishment and care it needs with LMC’s full range of Commercial Landscape Services, including Seasonal Planting, Mulching, Tree Pruning, Fall Fertilization, and more. Contact LMC today at 713-688-2435, or complete our online form to request a visit from our Landscape Professionals!

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