Four Ways To Improve Your Commercial Landscape Budget

Four Ways To Improve Your Commercial Landscape Budget

In Houston, our warm climate and longer growing season means commercial properties need much more landscape and tree care maintenance throughout the year. Unfortunately for some business owners, these landscape maintenance costs can have a significant impact on their annual budget. However, there are four ways that business owners can improve their commercial landscape budget without sacrificing their property’s beauty, health and value.

Save Money With Regular Tree Maintenance

Although it might seem counter-intuitive that regular tree maintenance can save businesses money, in reality ongoing tree care keeps trees healthier, meaning fewer tree damages or accidents in the future. Healthy and well-maintained trees are better able to withstand storms and are far less likely to need emergency tree services. In addition, regular tree trimming reduces the likelihood of broken limbs that can damage nearby property or cause personal injury.

Keep Grass Healthy With Fertilization

Regular fertilization of commercial landscapes and lawns ensures even growth throughout the year, allowing businesses to have healthy and lush green spaces. In addition, regular fertilization reduces the chance of invasive insects or diseases devastating commercial sites. Commercial property owners can avoid additional costs for replacing dead grass or dying landscape gardens.

Reduce Water Costs With Strategic Irrigation Systems

Business owners and commercial property managers can see a significant improvement in their landscape budget through the installation of environmentally sustainable irrigation systems. These strategic irrigation systems use state-of-the-art components that allow for precise watering for trees, grass and landscape gardens. This direct watering allows properties to stay healthy while using a minimal amount of water, reducing water consumption and utility costs.

Landscape Management Plans Help Businesses Forecast Future Costs

Landscape management plans allow businesses to forecast future tree care and landscape needs, reducing unexpected costs later in the year. Commercial property owners can also use landscape management plans to budget for future commercial improvements such as tree planting, commercial holiday lighting, and seasonal planting.  Also, tree mapping helps identify trees that might require additional maintenance, and trees that are historic and need to be preserved.

Businesses in Houston benefit from thorough landscape management plans that can help them better understand their commercial property’s needs and care throughout the year. They provide peace of mind that commercial properties will be properly maintained and healthy while not consuming their annual budget. LMC is a premiere commercial landscape and tree care provider, offering Houston businesses exceptional care at competitive rates. LMC offers a full range of commercial landscape and tree care services, including Landscape Management Plans, tree pruning, tree plantingtree removalcommercial landscape maintenanceirrigation installationweed control services and seasonal lighting services. Contact LMC directly for more information, or go online to request a free consultation today!

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