If you were searching for a commercial Landscape Maintenance Company for your property, what would be some of the primary considerations you would evaluate in making a selection?

If you were searching for a commercial Landscape Maintenance Company for your property, what would be some of the primary considerations you would evaluate in making a selection?

Finding the right landscaping company for your commercial building is an important task. Selecting the right one means you will have a beautiful property and a proactive partner in your landscaping. Selecting the wrong company means unnecessary stress and extra work for a landscape that isn’t meeting or exceeding your expectations. The landscaping of your building is the first thing clients, tenants and vendors see. It is their first impression of your business as a whole, so hiring the right commercial landscaper matters.

What factors should you consider in making this decision?
1. Look for a locally owned and operated landscaping company that has extensive resources and strives for excellence in all aspects of the business.
2. You will want to find a company that listens to your needs and expectations. And then tailors the landscape maintenance contract to meet your objectives.
3. Find a commercial landscaping company that has a track record of building long-term partnerships with its clients, not a mow, blow, and go outfit. Working with a company that has the future in mind means that they will treat your property like it is their own. They will know what the landscaping needs before you even notice meaning less effort on the part of the property manager and a stellar-looking landscape.
4. Find a landscaper who can be your one-stop-shop. Evaluate a full-service company that offers landscape maintenance, plant healthcare (PHC), irrigation, seasonal color installation and maintenance, landscape enhancements, and full-service tree care.
5. A company that provides you with one point of contact keeps communications clear. You won’t waste time wondering which department you need to call with questions. Your representative will always know all of what is going on with your landscaping.
6. Eye-catching seasonal color is a must for a good-looking commercial landscape. You will want to work with a landscape maintenance company that has a full-time color specialist on staff to achieve five-star results in your color beds.
7. A pro-active partner means a landscape company that is continually managing your property and its resources and not just reacting to crises as they occur. Proactive management means fewer fires to put out and taking landscaping off your plate so you can focus on other property concerns.
8. Planning ahead for all aspects of your commercial property budget means you will want to sign a contract with a landscaper who provides comprehensive landscape budgets for your building.
9. Finally, choose to work with a landscaping company that does what they say they are going to do. Knowing that you can trust their word and that they will do the right thing is a peace-of-mind for your commercial property.

Property Managers Turn to LMC when…
They are frustrated with the quality of work performed on their property
They are frustrated with a lack of proactivity
They are getting blindsided by property issues
They are not receiving communication
They are not receiving the services within the contract
Their budget is not being effectively managed
They want landscaping taken off their plate so they can focus on managing the buildings.

At LMC, our culture sets us apart. We utilize a Landscape Consultant whose job is to proactively manage your landscape by identifying issues and coming up with solutions, communicate directly with the clients, and budget for the total landscape costs. They are not distracted by managing crews in addition to the responsibilities of focusing on what your commercial building needs. We empower our employees to make decisions to do what is right in every aspect of their job. Providing Houston’s best commercial landscaping has been our number one focus for over forty years. How can we help make your commercial property look its best?

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