Increasing Safety Through Vegetation Management

Increasing Safety Through Vegetation Management

Because of our diverse economy, Houston is home to a large number of businesses in the food, oil, gas and chemical industries. These properties require a tremendous amount of worksite safety procedures to protect employees as well as nearby property, equipment and inventory. However, it is just as important to secure the exterior areas of a property through proper landscape and tree care maintenance. Proactive Vegetation Management can further protects employees, company structures, and nearby wildlife.

Vegetation Management first involves removing brush, weeds and overgrown areas to improve visibility. Well-maintained properties help reduce the likelihood of damage to equipment, utility lines, and structures, as well as injuries to workers walking or operating vehicles on the property. Proactive landscape maintenance also reduces the rodent population on properties, as well as the damage they can cause to equipment, inventory and workers. Overall, professional Vegetation Management helps reduce and eliminate future growth of noxious and invasive weeds on properties of all sizes, improving safety and the aesthetic value of the property.

Another way to increase safety on properties is through regular tree care maintenance, such as tree trimming and tree fertilization. Healthy trees are far less likely to cause damage to nearby structures or injure workers due to broken limbs or falling trees. Proper tree trimming also reduces the threat of power outages, as well as worker electrocution by downed power lines during severe weather. It is also important to keep trees healthy through fertilization as they offer increased shade, privacy and added beauty, lowering energy costs and increasing property values.

Finally, Pipeline Vegetation Management offers area oil, gas and chemical companies a safe and efficient way to perform pipeline maintenance on their property. With Right-of-Way Clearance, workers can easily access pipeline valves, pumps, gauges and gates for measurements and repair. Pipeline maintenance crews are safer because of unobstructed right-of-way clearance to utility lines. In addition, nearby wildlife is protected through Pipeline Vegetation Management, which promotes the environmental and aesthetic value of the land.

LMC offers property owners safe, exceptional and efficient Vegetation Management Services for properties of any size or industry. LMC utilizes a vast array of specialized equipment, coupled with industry-leading safety procedures, to ensure Vegetation ManagementRight-of-Way Clearance, and Pipeline Vegetation Management are all performed with the highest quality. LMC’s team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals are specially trained to identify and protect native plants and trees on properties while also reducing or eliminating invasive weeds, insects and tree diseases. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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