How Can Standing Water Affect My Property?

How Can Standing Water Affect My Property?

This week, the Houston area received substantial amounts of rainfall, causing widespread street flooding, power outages, and overflowing creeks and bayous in various parts of the city. Although many businesses were spared major flooding and property damage, there are thousands of properties throughout Houston now dealing with large pools of standing water in their commercial lots, industrial sites, and apartment complexes. Standing water can cause significant landscape and tree damage, as well as structural damage, so it is key to ensure that properties can drain rainwater efficiently to prevent future flooding or property damage.

Standing rainwater can impact properties in several significant ways. First, when rainwater is unable to properly drain from a property, it can collect close to foundations, business structures or other structures. In just a short amount of time, standing water can seep inside where the foundation meets the exterior wall and cause substantial property damage to floors, furniture, electronic equipment and other valuables. The costs for cleanup, repair and replacing valuables can be overwhelming for business owners and commercial property managers.

Another way that standing rainwater can impact a property is through the damage it causes to lawns, healthy shade trees, and landscape gardens. Standing pools of rainwater are often full of of debris, chemicals and other waste, and these can deposit harmful materials onto your healthy property. This unclean and contaminant-filled water can quickly kill healthy grass and flowers, and can completely ruin the landscape of the property. In addition, fungi, molds, and bacteria can develop because of standing water, resulting in devastating tree diseases and grass death. Proper rainfall drainage on commercial properties can protect the health and beauty of businesses, office parks and apartment complexes.

Finally, standing water on commercial properties can also lead to unstable trees, jeopardizing nearby people and property. Standing water can cause root systems to become less stable, resulting in trees leaning over or completely toppling onto roadways, buildings, apartments, vehicles, or even people. To ensure optimal safety at all times, efficient property drainage is needed to allow rainwater to flow away from structures and trees, and into streets, ditches or retention ponds instead.

LMC is pleased to offer high-quality, efficient and reliable drainage installation services to Houston area businesses, industrial areas, and apartment complex owners. The Landscape Professionals of LMC will first analyze the property layout to ensure efficient and safe drainage of rainwater, and will install subsurface drains or French drains to ensure proper rainwater drainage into nearby streets or ditches. LMC also offers a full range of landscape and tree care services, including tree trimminglandscape maintenancetree plantingtree removalcabling and bracing, and emergency storm response services. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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