LMC’s Commitment to Excellence: Safety First

LMC’s Commitment to Excellence: Safety First

In our previous blog post, we looked at how LMC’s commitment to excellence results in hiring the best individuals as LMC crew members. That constant strive for excellence and total customer satisfaction also drives LMC to always put safety first. LMC’s crew stays safe while performing dangerous projects, and customers and their property remain protected as well. LMC’s thorough safety training and proactive measures make LMC the best choice a property owner can make when they need quality tree care or landscape services.

For LMC, safety begins with proper employee training for personal safety at all times. All LMC employees are trained to perform First Aid, which is crucial on tree care and landscape projects where there is a higher risk of injury than in other professions. Tree care and landscape maintenance requires the usage of heavy machinery and dangerous tools such as riding mowers or chainsaws. In an accident, time is critical, so LMC’s First Aid training ensures there is always someone who can provide assistance in the event of an accident or injury. LMC crew members are also trained to administer CPR, which can be vital in the event of an electrocution, or if a worker or client collapses and stops breathing.

LMC’s safety guidelines also extend to the proper use of tree care guidelines and safety equipment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to protect crew members from hazardous workplace situations that can cause physical injury. However, many amateur or basic landscapers and tree care companies are extremely unsafe, failing to provide Personal Protective Equipment such as hardhats and safety goggles, or safe machinery and tools. LMC provides thorough on-site and regular safety training sessions to ensure all crew members are safe and performing their work in compliance with federal safety guidelines. In addition, LMC provides state-of-the-art and well-maintained vehicles, machinery and tools to ensure that all projects are completed with the utmost safety standards. To help promote and teach safety procedures to all workers, LMC developed a custom training manual called Green Guide that covers all proper equipment usage and safety techniques. LMC was the recipient of a 2011 Safety Award from industry leader TCIA for the successful development and implementation of the Green Guide.

Finally, LMC believes that it is important to provide safe transportation for crew members to promote their personal safety while also increasing efficiency. For this reason, all LMC arbor trucks are equipped with GPS tracking and telematics. The vehicle telematics system allows LMC’s fleet manager and LMC management to create the most efficient driving routes, track locations and monitor a variety of engine-related data such as driving speed, sudden stops, idle time and factors deemed appropriate by LMC management.  These technological tools helps improve overall driving safety, project efficiency, and fuel usage.

LMC’s commitment to safety results in safer crew members, and also safer customers. LMC’s clients can be assured that they have safe, trained and professional individuals performing their landscape and tree care services, and not careless workers likely to injure themselves while on the worksite. LMC is pleased to offer the Houston area a full range of top-quality tree care and landscape services all while implementing award-winning safety practices. LMC offers commercial landscaping servicestree trimmingtree plantingtree removalirrigation installationtree disease and insect treatment, and many more outstanding services designed to leave your property healthy and beautiful. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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