Landscape Improvements To Consider For Next Year’s Budget

Landscape Improvements To Consider For Next Year’s Budget

As we near the end of the calendar year, many businesses and commercial property owners are reviewing and finalizing budgets for the next year. While routine landscape maintenance is a normal budget item, it may also be time to consider adding landscape improvements into next year’s budget for proactive reasons.

When a problem occurs on a commercial landscape, fixing it can be more costly after the fact, especially if it has caused other damage on the commercial property. However, when landscape improvements or projects are tackled on a proactive basis, it lower the overall costs and reduces liability risks on the property. In today’s LMC post, we look at several landscape improvement projects that are worth considering for next year.

Tree Pruning

One of the best landscape improvement projects to consider for the next year is Tree Pruning. Far too often, commercial properties have large, beautiful trees surrounding their property that are hiding dead or overgrown limbs and branches. These could cause serious personal injury and property damage, but proactive Tree Pruning could help lower those risks by removing them in a safe and efficient manner. In addition, strategic and proactive Tree Pruning also improves tree health by promoting new healthy growth, and also encourages trees to grow in a specific manner or shape.

Irrigation System Upgrade

Commercial property owners typically want healthy and lush landscapes as well as vibrant plants and trees, but watering them all with a hose or single sprinkler simply isn’t a viable option. Commercial properties rely on irrigation systems to water the commercial property, but they may be very outdated and don’t function well. In order to improve property health and promote growth, irrigation systems can be replaced or upgraded with newer control panels that offer remote access and high-tech monitoring of rainfall. In addition, an upgrade to your irrigation system can also reduce the likelihood of leaks or property flooding due to broken pipes or faulty valves.

Tree Planting

Trees are one of the best additions to make on a commercial property as they add both curb appeal and financial benefits. Tree planting is ideal during the cooler winter months as it’s the dormant season for tree growth, so a newly planted tree has more time to establish roots and recover from planting shock. The addition of trees can provide an aesthetic appeal and also lower cooling costs because of the shade they offer.

If you are still finalizing your company’s budget for next year, consider what kinds of commercial landscape improvements or additions your property needs, and let LMC help you create a solution that works with your budgetary needs. LMC offers a full range of top quality Commercial Landscape services, performed by our team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals, handled with the utmost safety and efficiency, and provided at competitive rates. Contact LMC today for more information, or request a free consultation online.

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