How Property Landscape Maintenance Can Keep Your Customers Safer

How Property Landscape Maintenance Can Keep Your Customers Safer

A common challenge many businesses face is how to provide the best possible customer experience so customers will be more likely to return and bring others with them. Unfortunately, issues on your commercial property can sometimes overshadow great experiences and top-notch service. For example, if your restaurant customer raves about their meal and service, but then smacks their head in the parking lot on an overgrown tree branch, they might be less likely to return. Today’s LMC blog post looks at ways quality Commercial Landscape Maintenance can help keep customers safer while on your property.

Tree And Shrub Pruning

One of the first steps businesses can take to improve property safety is to have all trees and shrubs properly pruned. Overgrown tree branches can pose a threat to customers, as well as employees and vendors. They can cause personal injury or even death, in addition to property damage. Shrubs should be pruned to correct shapes and heights so they do not block walking paths or sidewalks, and do not interfere with visibility in parking lots or entrances.

Lawn And Garden Maintenance

Additionally, lawn and garden maintenance is another important step in keeping commercial properties safer for customers. Well-maintained lawns are safer to walk on, and are less likely to cause trips and falls. In addition, landscape gardens should also be maintained on a regular basis to eliminate weed growth and discourage insect infestations, which could also harm customers.

Landscape Lighting

Finally, the addition of landscape lighting throughout the property can significantly improve customer safety, especially in larger commercial properties or those with parking garages. Strategic landscape lighting can illuminate the property so customers are less likely to trip and fall, and it can also help deter thieves or other criminals who might prey on unsuspecting customers.

LMC takes great pride in helping Houston area businesses have beautiful, safe, and valuable commercial properties throughout the year. Our team of Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists can perform a full range of commercial landscape services, including Tree and Shrub Pruning, Lawn and Garden Maintenance, Landscape Lighting, Weed Control, Irrigation Installation and Maintenance, Seasonal Planting and Mulching, Tree Planting, and Emergency Tree Services. Contact LMC today for more information at 713-688-2435 or fill out our online form to request a free consultation!

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