Proper Watering Will Save Your Property

Proper Watering Will Save Your Property

Any commercial property owner understands the critical need for regular watering of trees, lawns, and landscape gardens. However, what is not always understood is exactly how much water is needed to protect our property value and ensure the health and vitality of our trees and turf.

Many people resort to dragging out garden hoses and spraying liberally throughout their property. Others might opt to leave drip hoses or stationary sprinklers scatters throughout their property hopeful that will provide sufficient water. No matter which option you prefer, it is virtually impossible to ensure that each facet of your property is getting the proper levels of moisture since turf, trees and landscape gardens each have specific moisture needs.

Overwatering your property can leave your property susceptible to bacterial, fungal or insect infestations, which can hinder growth and even lead to plant and tree death. Conversely, if your property receives too little moisture, your property shows immediate signs of dehydration through wilted branches, leaf loss, brown or yellow turf and possibly tree or plant death. In both circumstances, improper watering easily leads to costly and time-consuming repair and replacement.

However, most property owners do not have the time or ability to properly provide adequate hydration to each area of their property so they resort to the simpler but less effective watering methods. Your property is an important investment, so to protect the long-term aesthetic and economic value, proper hydration should be a priority.

To ensure that you are not over or under hydrating your property, your best option is to have a high-quality irrigation system professionally installed by the lawn, tree care and landscape garden experts of LMC. LMC’s Landscape Professionals will first assess the specific hydration needs of your property, noting your existing grass type, tree species and garden and plant needs. Then they will design an irrigation system layout that maximizes water absorption with minimal runoff or waste, thus protecting your water bill and property’s health.

The LMC team of licensed Irrigation Installation Specialists will ensure that your irrigation system is installed correctly using top-quality components so you receive the maximum benefit from this important investment. Contact LMC today to find out more about their high-quality irrigation system installations or request a consultation today.

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