Reduce The Threat Of Mosquitos and Other Insects This Summer

Reduce The Threat Of Mosquitos and Other Insects This Summer

In addition to high temperatures and sweltering humidity, Houstonians also have to contend with mosquitos and other invasive insects during the summer. However, there are proactive steps commercial property owners can take to reduce the presence of mosquitos and other insects through the Houston summer months. Property owners and their customers, guests and vendors can enjoy their exterior spaces without being subjected to painful bites and stings from invasive pests.

One of the biggest attractions for mosquitos on a commercial property is the presence of standing water in grassy areas, sidewalks, walkways and other low-lying areas of property.  It only takes a very shallow collection of standing water to attract hundreds of mosquitos to property, making outdoor spaces miserable for property owners.  However, professional subsurface drainage systems can help improve the flow of rainwater and reduce areas of standing water, significantly reducing the threat of mosquitos.

Another proactive steps to reduce the threat of stinging insects is to regularly check doorways, trees, parking garagesand building perimeters for wasps, hornets, and bees, where nests and hives are often found. Regular tree inspections and tree care maintenance, such as tree trimming, can help eliminate the threat of invasive insects on your property, and ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

Finally, commercial property owners can gain a double benefit by adding specific plants and flowers to landscape gardens that add beauty while also repelling certain stinging insects. Seasonal flowers and plants, such as citronella plants and marigold flowers, can repel mosquitos when added to gardens or landscape areas. In addition, common herb plants such as basil or oregano will repel mosquitos and other insects while also providing businesses such as restaurants or delis with fresh herbs. Getting the right kinds of plants and flowers added to a property will help maintain beauty and property health while also keeping away unwanted insects.

This summer, keep employees, customers, and guests safe and comfortable on your property with quality landscape and tree care from LMC. LMC’s team of Landscape Professionals can help transform your property into a beautiful, healthy and relaxing environment. LMC can help reduce the threat of invasive insects with professional subsurface drainage installationtree trimmingtree inspections, and seasonal color planting. In addition, LMC also offers top-quality commercial landscaping servicesirrigation system installationtree planting and tree removal services, and weed control services for properties of any size. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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