Well-Planned Irrigation Systems Make The Most Difference

Well-Planned Irrigation Systems Make The Most Difference

Over the last two years, property owners throughout the greater Houston area have faced an uphill battle against difficult drought conditions, leaving commercial properties dry and damaged. As a result, many property owners are hoping to protect their lawns, landscape gardens and trees from this year’s projected drought with the installation of an irrigation system. While irrigation management systems are an ideal way to keep your property hydrated, it is critical to ensure you are picking the right company to install a top-quality irrigation system.

When selecting an irrigation system and an irrigator to install it, there are several important factors to consider. First, you must make sure to select a licensed irrigation system installer. Many municipalities and cities require irrigators to be licensed since they are tapping into city water supplies to install the systems, so you want to ensure you are hiring an installation team that has all necessary licenses and credentials to do the work.

Second, it is important to make sure your irrigation installation company is an expert in lawn maintenance, landscape gardens and tree care. A high level of landscape expertise results in an irrigation system that is customized to your property’s specific moisture needs. Some basic or less qualified irrigation installers might simply install an irrigation system without factoring the water levels needed to keep your plants, lawn and trees properly hydrated, so some might become overwatered while others might be constantly dehydrated. Because an irrigation system is an important investment, you want to make sure it provides adequate moisture exactly where it is needed without causing additional damage.

Finally, when you are considering an irrigation system installation, it is important to note that the irrigation management system’s effectiveness is only as good as the parts and components installed. You need to choose a top-notch irrigation installation company that uses only high-quality, long-lasting motors, valves and controls to ensure years of functionality and effectiveness. Irrigation systems should be installed correctly the first time and when high-quality parts are used, minimal maintenance and upkeep should be needed going forward.

Commercial property owners in the greater Houston area that need a high-quality irrigation management system installed by landscape experts can simply contact LMC for all their irrigation needs. LMC is pleased to be Houston’s single-source solution for irrigation system design, installation, and maintenance, as well as repairing existing irrigation systems on your property. Contact their licensed, expert irrigation installation team for more information, or request a consultation today.

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