The Financial Benefits of Soil Aeration

The Financial Benefits of Soil Aeration

Healthy soil is the key to having beautiful and hardy plants, trees, and grass, since they all rely on soil for nutrients and minerals essential for growth. When soil becomes compacted and dry over time, it can slowly drain the life from trees, grass, and other plant life on a commercial property. However, soil aeration services can help restore soil health and reverse the damage to plant life caused by soil compaction. While soil aeration services might seem unnecessary to some commercial property owners, soil aeration offers substantial immediate and long-term financial benefits. Today’s blog post analyzes three specific financial benefits of soil aeration for commercial properties throughout the greater Houston area.

Reduces Water Usage

When soil is properly aerated, it can better absorb water from both normal rainfall and irrigation systems, meaning irrigations systems don’t have to be run as long or use as much water to thoroughly hydrate the property. The property owner sees a greater financial benefit from their irrigation system due to the lower utility costs, and it is less wear and tear on the irrigation system because of the reduced use. This allows commercial property owners to get far more life and benefit from their irrigation system, and delays the need for replacement or repairs.

Protects Tree And Plant Life

Aerated soil allows plants and tree roots to get more water, sunlight, and nutrients from the soil than when the soil is compacted and hard. This results in grass, plants, and trees living much longer, meaning they are far less likely to need to be removed and replaced. In addition, soil aeration strengthens plants, grass, and trees to make them less vulnerable to dangerous plant disease, insects, or noxious weeds. Hardy and stable plant life results in property owners saving greatly on their annual landscape budgets because of the reduced costs for replacement plants and trees, and also reduced labor costs.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Soil aeration can also help reduce soil erosion and poor drainage from properties during heavy rainfall. When soil is compacted, it can easily be washed away by rainfall or water from irrigation. This leaves tree roots exposed and properties without adequate soil protection and nutrients. However, soil aeration creates small holes in the soil that allow water, oxygen, and minerals to be absorbed better, making the soil more stable and far less likely to be washed away.

Soil aeration is one of the most important investments a commercial property owner can make for both the immediate and long-term health, beauty, and value of their land. LMC is pleased to offer top quality, professional soil aeration services for commercial properties across the greater Houston area, all performed with the utmost efficiency and safety. Contact LMC today for more information about Soil Aeration Services and our other commercial tree and landscape services, or go online to request a free consultation!

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