What Leadership Means at LMC

What Leadership Means at LMC

The first step in developing superior leadership at LMC is identifying the proper commercial landscaping candidate for the positions available and making the correct hire. Second, is evaluating their previous experience. This determines what level of training and supervision these individuals need as they join Team LMC as well as what level of autonomy with which these leaders will thrive. We don’t believe that micromanaging is a positive practice in the landscaping industry. Our supervisors, managers, and leaders operate with the freedom with decision-making. We believe you can’t learn if you don’t make some mistakes along the way. Our supervision is based on supporting our team members to lead in their position with solid guidance and consistent training along the way.

When in the hiring process, a few of the attributes we look for are those commercial landscaping individuals who are not afraid to take risks, they are aggressive, they have an outgoing, confident personality, they are gregarious, they’re flexible in their management style, and they are organized.

The culture of company feeds the success of all of our team members and especially those in leadership roles. The family atmosphere of LMC is at the heart of what creates our culture. Bill Cox started the company in the 1980. He still an fixture around the office. He keeps it light and maintains the energy that has sustained the company all these years. When his son, Brad Cox, took over running the business almost to 20 years ago, he knew how important the culture was to our success and has continued to focus on creating an inviting, social, family atmosphere while accomplishing quality commercial landscape work.

Team building is an important element of our structure. We put a Culture Committee in place last year to maintain our focus on giving back to our community and to our staff as a whole. We celebrate holidays, support charitable organizations and invest in our City and our Team.

Part of our focus on teamwork is accomplished through our continual training. We utilize a series of educational tools, videos and books, that we require each new manager to watch or read. We have a methodology of how the team works together. It’s easy to put a group of people together, but that doesn’t always make up a team. We believe we have to have a theory and a means for how you achieve that team mentality. Each branch has its own personality, but it all evolves back to the central values of the business – respect, integrity, teamwork, excellence, and serving the community. These elements are kept at the forefront of our training strategy. Training is constant at LMC. Repetition drives these practices and values home.

What makes great leaders at LMC is teamwork, culture and allowing people enough space to do your jobs and make their own decisions.


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