What Kind Of Care Does My Property Need In Winter Months?

What Kind Of Care Does My Property Need In Winter Months?

Although Houston is experiencing a milder winter than in years past, it’s finally cooler outside, and many of the trees and plants on our properties have entered a dormant growth season. During the winter months, some property owners make the assumption that because it is colder, their commercial property needs little to no property maintenance. Unfortunately, this incorrect assumption can lead to devastating results for commercial lawns, plants, and trees. In today’s blog post, we examine what kind of care commercial properties need in the winter, and how LMC can help meet that need.

Tree Care

One of the most important aspects of commercial property maintenance during the winter is in regards to tree care. When deciduous trees shed their leaves in the fall and winter, they becomes much easier to inspect for broken limbs, dangling branches, tree diseases, and insect infestations. Strategic tree pruning, as well as effective disease and insect treatments, should be performed during winter months so the tree has time to heal and replenish depleted energy resources before the busy growing season in the spring.


Although trees, plants, and lawns are not growing as rapidly now as they do during the summer months, there is still a need for regular watering. Too often, property owners turn off irrigation systems completely, leaving properties parched and more vulnerable to insects and diseases. While winter months do bring some rain, it is not wise to rely solely on rainfall to keep properties watered effectively. Irrigation systems still need to be run for commercial properties, but less frequently than in summer months.

General Property Maintenance

Finally, commercial properties benefit from regular commercial landscape maintenance to keep lawns, plants, gardens, and trees healthy and beautiful. Commercial properties that are neglected during winter months will be more likely to have issues in the spring and summer, such as invasive weed growth, vermin, insect infestations, fungi and other plant diseases, and issues with root systems. During winter months, commercial properties can be mulched, fertilized, and have debris and greenwaste cleared off to keep the property tidy and healthy.

LMC proudly offers a full range of top-level Commercial Landscape Management services, including Landscape Maintenance, Tree Pruning, Tree Planting, Tree Removal, Seasonal Planting and Mulching, Irrigation Installation and Maintenance, Insect and Disease Treatment, Deep Root Fertilization, Cabling and Bracing, and Emergency Tree Services. Contact LMC today about our Commercial Landscape Management services, or go online to request a free consultation.

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