The Three Dangers of Using Rubber Mulches on Commercial Property

The Three Dangers of Using Rubber Mulches on Commercial Property

Commercial property owners are often looking for cost-effective ways to improve their property, and some might consider rubber mulch for their longevity and ability to retain moisture. However, there are a number of serious dangers that can come choosing rubber mulch for commercial properties. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at the three biggest dangers associated with rubber mulches and why commercial property owners should make sure they always have rich, organic mulch applied to their property instead.

Does Not Enrich Soil Health

While rubber mulch is known to be very low maintenance and can last far longer than traditional mulch, a major disadvantage of rubber mulch is that it does not enrich or improve soil health in any way. It does not provide any minerals or essential nutrients to plants or tree roots, and it cannot help promote biodiversity in commercial properties. Commercial property owners will have to spend additional time and resources ensuring that their plants and trees receive adequate minerals and remain at ideal pH levels.

May Leak Toxins or Chemicals

Rubber mulches are typically made from recycled tires, but the tires themselves contain high levels of chemicals and toxins, many of which can leach out into the soil and into plant roots. Many rubber mulches contain zinc, which is known to stunt plant growth and can kill plants and trees. Rubber mulch also contains benzene, which is a known carcinogen, and toxic phthalates as well. In addition, leached chemicals from rubber mulch can also contaminate groundwater supplies and pose health hazards to nearby communities and wildlife.

Flammable and Harmful If Ingested

Most healthy, organic mulches are made of material that is not flammable or seriously harmful if accidently ingested by animals or children. On the contrary, rubber mulch can be highly flammable, and can be very harmful to people and animals if ingested. This can create serious liability issues for commercial property owners, especially for businesses that often have animals or children on their premises.

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