The Importance of Preserving Mature Trees

The Importance of Preserving Mature Trees

As Houston continues to enjoy a robust and thriving economy, businesses and commercial real estate developers are quickly purchasing land and constructing new buildings and office space throughout the city. Although Houston’s exciting growth is resulting in rapid job creation and a stronger local economy, there is another result of the development and construction that is not so positive, and that is the removal of many of our local trees. It is critical that Houston-area businesses and commercial real estate developers protect the natural assets we have in the many large and mature trees found throughout the city.

Because the Houston area is experiencing growth in both the local economy and population, more land is needed for development. Unfortunately, in a rush to develop land for immediate construction, mature and healthy trees are often cut down and removed unnecessarily for the sake of time. Trees offer many financial, aesthetic and cultural benefits to our city, and should be preserved and protected whenever possible.

Large, mature trees provide significant economic value to commercial property development in several ways. First, large and mature trees provide much-needed shade, which is essential in cooling buildings and reducing energy costs. In addition, large trees benefit property owners by reducing noise pollution and creating wind breaks, making the commercial property more desirable to potential buyers or customers. Also, by protecting mature and healthy trees during construction and property development, this saves builders and property owners from having to purchase and plant young trees that might not survive the Houston heat. The property owners receive the benefit of thriving, mature trees that provide immediate benefits for years to come.

Secondly, healthy and mature trees throughout the Houston area deserve protection during construction whenever possible because of the significant aesthetic value they bring. Large, vibrant trees benefit commercial property developers by demonstrating a commitment to protecting the environment, which creates positive feedback and strengthens ties to the surrounding community. Fostering goodwill by protecting existing trees will often translate into increased foot traffic and revenues by those who also believe in protecting natural resources. In addition, as one of the oldest cities in Texas, it is critical to preserve Houston’s many large and historic trees as they help shape our landscape and promote our city’s beauty and vitality. Protected trees reflect the values and pride Houstonians take in this great city, so tree preservation is crucial to maintain and promote these natural assets.

As Houston’s premiere tree care company, LMC is committed to preserving and protecting Houston’s beautiful, mature trees for future generations to enjoy. LMC offers safe, efficient and high quality tree preservation services during all stages of commercial construction and development. LMC also offers consultations by Certified Arborists to determine the age, health and stability of existing trees on property, and can provide exceptional tree care and maintenance to protect tree health long-term. LMC offers tree trimmingdeep root fertilizationcabling and bracing, and irrigation system installation to ensure the mature, healthy trees on commercial properties remain a vital piece of Houston’s landscape. Contact LMC directly for more information, or request a consultation online today.

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