Three Ways To Have An Environmentally Friendly Commercial Landscape

Three Ways To Have An Environmentally Friendly Commercial Landscape

Companies across the world are beginning to see the importance and impact of adopting sustainable, or environmentally friendly business practices in the workplace. As companies strive to become more “green” and promote the environment through various business initiatives, there is often one area overlooked in terms of sustainability: commercial landscapes. A sustainable commercial landscape can provide numerous ways for companies to protect the environment while also saving money and resources. Today’s blog post looks at three ways companies can have an environmentally friendly commercial landscape without sacrificing property health or curb appeal.

Smarter Water Management

One of the biggest impacts to the environment regarding commercial landscape management comes from irrigation needs. A commercial landscape needs regular watering in order to stay healthy and beautiful, but not all irrigation systems work efficiently or correctly. Companies can promote the environment and protect valuable water resources by upgrading to high efficiency irrigation systems that properly water all areas of a commercial landscape without wasting water. In addition, regular maintenance of irrigation systems can ensure that all sprinkler heads and zones are working correctly, and that there is no wasteful water leakage.

Planting Native Trees And Plants

Commercial property owners often want entrances and walkways to feature stunning flowers and manicured landscape gardens, but they may often feature exotic plants or non-native flower species that require far more watering and maintenance. By choosing local plants native to our region, they are more likely to be drought-tolerant and heat-tolerant, resulting in less maintenance and less watering needs. The simple step of choosing local plants helps protect the environment by ensuring that there are no exotic, invasive plants hurting our local ecosystem, and that a minimal amount of water and resources are needed to keep these commercial sites healthy and attractive.

Recycling Plant And Tree Debris

Finally, commercial landscape maintenance can result in a large amount of greenwaste and tree debris, but have you ever considered where that waste ends up? Commercial landscape and tree crews that simply dump greenwaste and tree debris in the dumpster are only contributing to our environmental problems. Instead, commercial property owners should make sure to only use commercial landscape and tree care contractors that recycle greenwaste and tree debris, which can be turned into organic mulch or other recycled products. This can help companies leave less of a carbon footprint and reduce landfills in our area.

When companies work towards a better and stronger environment, everyone wins. LMC is pleased to be a leader of sustainable initiatives in our tree care and landscape industry, whether through recycling greenwaste, maintaining commercial vehicles and equipment to reduce carbon emissions, or offering sustainable landscape and tree care services. Contact LMC today to learn more about our Commercial Landscape Management services, or fill out our online form to request a free consultation!

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