Understanding the Three Types of Commercial Landscape Lighting

Understanding the Three Types of Commercial Landscape Lighting

Commercial property owners often look for new ways to improve their outdoor space and draw positive attention to both their business and landscape features. Landscape lighting is an effective way to add both security and elegance to a commercial property, but property owners should first understand the many options and functions available in the landscape lighting market. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at the three primary types of commercial landscape lighting options in order to help commercial property owners make the best choice for their unique needs.

Electric Lights

The most common type of commercial landscape lighting is powered by electricity, simply because it can be hard-wired to the commercial structure to provide a steady source of power. Although electricity-powered landscape lighting is a straightforward installation, it can lead to significantly higher utility costs for commercial property owners if the landscape lighting is set to run all night. In addition, there can be limitations on where the lighting can be installed if it must be in close proximity to the main commercial business structure.

Solar-Power Lights

Solar-powered landscape lights are growing in popularity among commercial property owners because they are environmentally friendly and require no additional utility costs. They can be installed far away from buildings and regular power sources, and they can last much longer than traditional landscape lights. However, the downside to choosing solar-powered landscape lights is that they need to be installed in areas that receive abundant, direct sunlight throughout the day in order to function well at night.

Gas Lights

For a unique and eye-catching landscape lighting feature, some commercial properties and retailers are choosing gas-powered landscape lighting options. For commercial property owners, it offers both reliability as well as aesthetic value by giving properties a quaint, nostalgic atmosphere. However, as with electric options, leaving gas-powered landscape lighting on all night is not the most cost-effective or energy-efficient option for business owners.

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