What do commercial landscaping customers expect to get out of a landscape maintenance provider?

What do commercial landscaping customers expect to get out of a landscape maintenance provider?

Our customers expect to receive five-star commercial landscaping that presents their commercial property in the best possible way, while making their job as a property manager easier. They want to know that our landscaping team will be onsite to perform regularly scheduled landscape maintenance on the same day every week. They want to know that the little details will be taking care of, that leaves will be properly removed, weeds will be pulled, dead plant material will be removed. Mostly they want to be able to rely on their landscape consultant to be proactive on the property. To see things before they do and to be an advocate for keeping their commercial building’s exterior in great shape year-round. Service that they can rely upon and the best quality in the commercial landscaping they receive means their property looks good and so do they!

Communication also makes all the difference when managing the expectations of any commercial landscape customer. Working to develop an open, trustworthy line of communication with any client takes time and consistency. We work to build customers for life through the quality of both our landscaping services and our landscape consultants. Knowing that you have a proactive partner working to keep your commercial property looking its best at all times means one less thing to worry about for a commercial property manager. We want to be the solution to all things landscape. Response time, knowledgeability, and courteousness means a channel of correspondence that is dependable and makes each client feel valued by our team.

Property managers hate reacting to things that have already happened. It leaves you playing catch-up, which is stressful, and makes you look like you were unprepared. Being proactive with a commercial landscape means seeing things before your customer does like areas that could be improved upon with landscape enhancement, drainage issues, large tree trimming needs, accidental damage needing repair and irrigation adjustments needed. Each commercial property maintained by LMC is assigned a landscape consultant. This consultant is the one point of contact for the customer no matter what landscape service is needed. Commercial irrigation, tree trimming, landscape enhancement, seasonal color installation, mulch, fertilization, or chemical treatments are all overseen and managed by the landscape consultant. This allows a consistent flow of information to and from the customer and LMC so that nothing is missed, and we can always deliver a five -star customer service experience. The customer can rely on their landscape consultant as their expert for the landscaping. They are educated in all facets of the job and have the strength of Team LMC at their disposal to handle anything needed for the customer. The landscape consultant may not always have the answer, but they know where to find it!

Landscaping is all about enticing future clients or tenants and giving off the impression that you have your act together and that you are good to work with. Having a dedicated commercial landscaping team to maintain the appearance of your commercial landscaping is important. Having a landscaper that you know you can rely on is even more valuable! Team LMC understands the expectations of the commercial landscape customer and is prepared to deliver service and quality that exceed those expectations in the commercial

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