What Kind Of Care Does My Commercial Property Need This Fall?

What Kind Of Care Does My Commercial Property Need This Fall?

Now that we are (slowly) saying goodbye to the brutal summer weather, this is the time when growth slows down on commercial properties and trees and landscape properties can get a chance to recover. The big question is how much and what kind of care does a commercial property need in the fall? While commercial trees and landscapes might not need the constant maintenance and care as in the summer months, there are still several important areas to monitor and services to perform in order to promote good property health through the fall. Today’s LMC post will highlight some of the services you will want to consider for the fall season to ensure your property is healthy and beautiful.

Tree Pruning

In the fall, trees benefit from strategic tree pruning to remove any dead or damaged branches and limbs. It can help remove potential threats to nearby people and property, and also give trees a chance to heal better as they enter the dormant period for tree growth. In addition, tree pruning can also be used to cut back any overgrown limbs or branches, improving the overall look and stability of the tree.

Deep Root Fertilization

Summer can be an exhausting time for trees, and in order to help them recover fully, deep root fertilization can help provide the nutrients and minerals that soil needs to promote tree health throughout the fall. During the summer, the heat and heavy rains can cause the soil to lose these minerals and nutrients, and deep root fertilization can provide a much-needed boost to tree health.

Soil Aeration

Finally, fall is the ideal time to help promote soil health on commercial properties through Soil Aeration services. Soil aeration is the process is breaking up hard, compacted soil by either puncturing it with spikes or removing small cores of soil to loosen it. The goal of soil aeration is to improve the infiltration of water and nutrients to tree roots, and also to improve property drainage. It can also encourage the growth of deeper roots, as well as the growth of grass seed.

Fall is the ideal time to help improve and restore your commercial property after a long and difficult summer for your grass, plants, and trees. LMC offers top quality Commercial Landscape Management and Tree Care services for properties across the greater Houston area, including commercial, retail, industrial, educational, medical, and homeowners’ association properties. Contact LMC at 713-688-2435 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free consultation.

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