Does My Property Have Bad Soil?

Does My Property Have Bad Soil?

Every commercial property owner wants a nice, lush lawn with beautiful trees, but many forget that an attractive and stable property begins with healthy soil. Soil is the life source for the vital nutrients and minerals lawns and trees need for robust, healthy growth throughout the seasons. When soil is no longer healthy, tree root systems and lawns begin to suffer and may likely die, costing property owners the loss of beautiful property as well as high replacement costs. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at how poor soil health can harm commercial properties by damaging tree, lawn, and plant health.

Poor Growth

Soil in poor health does not allow trees, lawns, and plants to grow at their maximum potential. In fact, poor soil health can actually stunt growth by diminishing their ability to absorb vital minerals, water, and nutrients. If your soil is too dry and sandy, then it will not contain the minerals and elements needed for optimal plant growth and will likely erode faster than healthy soil. If the soil resembles hard clay, then it will be difficult for water to penetrate down to the roots, and the roots will have difficulty expanding out.

More Insect Infestations and Diseases

When soil is not healthy, it can also lead to increased opportunities for insect infestations and tree diseases. If the soil is compacted, then it will have reduced levels of oxygen and poor soil drainage. This can attract invasive insects and create a breeding ground for tree and plant diseases that thrive on moist conditions and weak trees. In addition, invasive insects and harmful diseases impacting trees can quickly spread to other areas of the property, harming healthy trees and plants nearby.

Freshwater Contamination

When soil is not protected from external sources or during nearby construction, it can become contaminated, causing harm to trees, plants, and even nearby freshwater sources. Freshwater areas such as ponds, streams, lakes, and rivers can become contaminated when soil is polluted with toxins and other harmful chemicals, as these will runoff with rainfall. It is best to remove and replace contaminated soil with healthy, organic soil to promote property health and prevent the contamination of freshwater sources and damage to wildlife in and near these waters.

Soil is living and active, and we rely on healthy soil to feed and nurture the plants and trees we enjoy on a daily basis. It is crucial that our commercial properties always have healthy soil to ensure that plants, trees and lawns are at their peak stages of strength and vitality. LMC offers top-quality, efficient landscape and soil care services, including Soil AerationSoil AnalysisMulch Application, and Irrigation Installation and Maintenance to ensure a beautiful and vibrant landscape throughout the year. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!

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