Increase The Financial Value of Commercial Real Estate With Quality Landscaping

Increase The Financial Value of Commercial Real Estate With Quality Landscaping

For commercial real estate owners and property managers, having steady streams of revenue is vital to the health and strength of their business, helping protect their long-term investment. However, another major component of owning or managing commercial real estate and properties is maintaining and improving property values. Although the location of a business is critical, especially in a commuter city such as Houston, the exterior of a commercial property or retail site can significantly impact the value of the property and can easily increase the number of potential visitors or customers to the site. Having healthy, pristine landscaping and mature, trimmed trees can make great strides in improving and protecting commercial property values for years to come.

The lush, green landscapes and healthy trees of a well-maintained commercial property add value in several important ways to the property owner or manager. First, potential retail or professionals tenants are much more likely to sign long-term lease agreements because of the attractive, pleasing aesthetic of the surrounding exterior as it benefits their own business as well. Businesses understand that customers and clients are much more likely to frequent their establishments if their business has beautiful, well-maintained gardenstrees and exterior spaces. Office buildings and retail commercial sites with unkempt grass, shrubs and trees are much more likely to have vacant lease sites for long periods of time, hurting the commercial property owner or manager’s revenues.

Additionally, commercial property owners and managers gain value among the surrounding community when they offer stunning landscapes and holiday décor, gorgeous water features, unique ornamental stonework, and healthy and majestic trees. Their commercial site or office complex becomes a crown jewel within their area instead of a community eyesore or nuisance. Also, commercial property owners and managers can increase their goodwill among their neighboring residents and businesses by offering their commercial property as a destination site for people looking to take outdoor family photos or a place to enjoy festive outdoor holiday décor. A perfect example of this would be the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park behind Williams Tower in Uptown Houston. Originally an architectural feature on a commercial real estate site, the Waterwall became an iconic Houston landmark and attracted thousands of visitors each year, adding aesthetic value and increasing real estate value, eventually becoming an official Houston park.

Finally, having healthy turf, well-manicured trees and stunning landscape gardens can significantly increase the value of commercial properties on the real estate market. For commercial property owners looking to sell existing holdings, a healthy and beautiful exterior space can help owners sell their property for a higher price, and in a much shorter amount of time. A quick sale for a high price is hard to accomplish in our volatile economy, but a gorgeous exterior to a commercial property or retail site can help make that a reality.

LMC is Houston’s premiere landscape and tree service company for commercial real estate owners and managers throughout the greater Houston area, and can help improve or increase property values with high-quality, beautiful landscaping and safe, professional tree trimming services. LMC also offers a wide array of additional commercial landscape services such as commercial holiday décorlandscape garden maintenance, ornamental stonework, security and aesthetic lighting, outdoor water features, and irrigation system installation. LMC’s variety of services are performed by expertly-trained Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals who utilize state-of-the-art equipment while also adhering to industry-leading safety standardsContact LMC today for more information on how they can protect and improve your commercial property value, or request a free consultation online.

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