What Your Property Needs Now Before Summer Arrives

What Your Property Needs Now Before Summer Arrives

Anyone living or working along the Gulf Coast knows that summers can be brutal for people and their property. This is especially true for commercial properties, which tend to be larger and require more maintenance and care throughout the year. With record-high temperatures and drought-like conditions forecast for our area weeks ahead of schedule, it’s best to prepare commercial properties now so they can survive and thrive during the harsh summer conditions. Our LMC blog post today highlights three things your property needs now before the blast of summer heat arrives for good.

Soil Aeration

When our soil is healthy, it can go a long way in ensuring the stability and beauty of our lawns, trees, plants, gardens, and shrubs. One key way to promote soil health is through Soil Aeration services. Soil Aeration is the process of breaking up hard compacted soil through removing small plugs of dirt to allow water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the soil and plant roots. When soil is aerated, nearby plant life can get the essential minerals and nutrients needed to thrive even during hot summer months.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Commercial properties depend on irrigation systems to help keep plant life well hydrated through the heat and humidity of summer weather. This is especially important in Texas, which is predicted to experience drought conditions this year. However, commercial property owners don’t get irrigation systems inspected and maintained on a regular basis, which can mean that the sprinkler systems might malfunction or break right when they’re needed most. Irrigation systems should be tested to ensure all components are functioning properly and that all zones are receiving the correct amount of watering.

Fertilizer And Mulch Application

Finally, commercial properties can get one last layer of protection before summer arrives through the application of fertilizer and mulch across the property. Fertilizer can help promote healthy grass and plant growth while also preventing invasive weeds from taking over the property. Mulch can also help suppress weed growth while also protecting soil moisture levels around trees and plants.

LMC specializes in helping commercial property owners have beautiful, healthy, and stable landscapes throughout the year, but especially during the summer months when lawns, plants, and trees are at their most vulnerable. LMC’s team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals can perform a full range of services to promote property health, including Soil Aeration, Irrigation System Maintenance, Fertilizer and Mulch Application, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Landscape Maintenance, and Weed Control Services. Contact LMC at 713-688-2435 for more information or fill out our online form to request a free consultation!

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