How Shrubs Can Transform Your Commercial Property

How Shrubs Can Transform Your Commercial Property

When it comes to improving the look of a commercial property, the typical method is through the installation of seasonal flowers or by planting trees. However, shrubs can play an important role in transforming a commercial landscape, as long as the right types are planted in strategic locations. In today’s LMC blog post, we’ll look at a few ways shrubs might be the ideal addition to your commercial property, and why they might be a better choice than simply more trees or flowers.

Wide Variety Of Choices

Much like trees and flowers, there are an abundance of shrubs and bushes that thrive in our hot and humid climate. Commercial property owners can choose from shrubs that flower, shrubs that grow at varying heights and widths, and shrubs that are dense and evergreen. Whatever specific needs exist for a commercial property, there are shrubs that can meet those needs. In addition, commercial property owners may also consider adding several different kinds of shrubs to add visual appeal.

Easier Maintenance

With lawns, gardens, container flowers and trees, there is typically a substantial amount of labor involved in their care and maintenance. For example, trees need pruning, grass needs mowing, gardens and flowerbeds need old flowers removed and replaced, but shrubs need very little work. Generally shrubs require far less maintenance as they often grow at a much slower pace and may require just an occasional pruning or shaping. Commercial property owners can have the benefit of green and healthy shrubs to add visual appeal but with far lower labor costs than a large landscape garden to maintain.

Multiple Property Benefits

For those unsure about what shrubs have to offer, there are several important benefits they provide commercial property owners. First, shrubs are very hardy plants, meaning they can usually survive the harshest weather conditions, whether freezing temperatures or scorching hot temperatures. This means there is a far greater chance they’ll be able to survive for years, if not decades when they get proper care. In addition, shrubs also help provide visual appeal by creating property borders or hiding unsightly areas of a commercial site, such as dumpster areas or utility boxes. Finally, shrubs can also add value by increasing privacy and security, as well as reducing noise on a property.

While shrubs are not the most obvious choice for improving a commercial property, these important plants can be vital to the transformation of a commercial site and can help protect property values and aesthetics for years to come. For more information about how LMC’s team of Landscape Professionals can transform your commercial site through the strategic addition of healthy shrubs, contact us at 713-688-2435 or fill out our online form to request a free consultation.

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