Help The Environment With These Property Improvements

Help The Environment With These Property Improvements

The topic of helping the environment typically elicits thoughts of reducing landfill space, recycling, protecting the rainforests, and cutting carbon emissions. These are all important steps to protecting our natural resources, but homeowners can also play a role in preserving our environment for future generations. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at four ways to help the environment through property improvements.

Installing Irrigation Systems

Houstonians are well aware of the difficulty in keeping lawns, gardens and trees properly hydrated, especially with our heat and occasional bouts of drought. Unfortunately, property owners can overcompensate by leaving garden hoses or stationary sprinklers running far too long, wasting water and ineffectively watering their property. Instead, irrigation systems can water lawns properly by spraying water for fixed lengths of time at strategic times of the day for maximum impact and far less water usage. In addition, smaller yards or gardens may benefit from drip-line irrigation that provides steady and concise watering with a fraction of water.

Adding Low Maintenance Plants and Flowers

Property owners can greatly help the environment without sacrificing curb appeal by adding low maintenance plants and flowers. Many low maintenance varieties, such as ornamental greens, rosemary or verbena, can add stunning beauty and bold colors while also requiring far less water than other common plants. In addition, they often need less pruning, reducing maintenance costs for the property owner.

Planting Trees To Improve Air Quality

In addition to adding beauty and much needed shade, tree planting also benefits the environment by improving overall air quality. Healthy shade trees help clean the air from harmful pollutants and reduce carbon dioxide levels. In addition, the shade from mature trees can cool buildings and properties, reducing energy costs.

Applying Mulch To Reduce Weed Growth

By applying organic mulch to shrubs, flowerbeds and trees, property owners can reduce weed growth without having to use toxic herbicides or other weed killers. Often these chemicals can contaminate the soil or damage nearby plants, adding to the cost and maintenance for property owners. Healthy mulch can inhibit weed growth while also protecting moisture levels and offering curb appeal. In addition, property owners are spared from exposure to these harmful chemicals.

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