Why Weeds Are A Serious Threat To Property Health

Why Weeds Are A Serious Threat To Property Health

During the summer, commercial properties face a variety of threats to their overall health, including drought conditions, invasive insects, and tree diseases. However, none are as persistent or annoying to commercial property owners as weed growth. In just a short amount of time, invasive weeds can completely take over a commercial property and harm it in several different ways. In today’s blog post, we explain exactly why weeds are such as serious threat to commercial property health, and why commercial property owners need to act promptly to treat invasive weed growth and prevent weeds from reappearing.

Choke Out Nearby Plants

Noxious weeds have the ability to quickly choke the life out of nearby plants, trees, and grass because they steal away the essential nutrients and minerals found in the property soil. Plants are unable to compete with fast growing weeds as they take all available sunlight, water, oxygen, and minerals, leaving them depleted and in poor health. As plants deteriorate in health because of their diminished supply of oxygen, water, and soil minerals, they become far more susceptible to invasive plant diseases and insect infestations.

Can Hurt Curb Appeal And Property Values

Weeds can rapidly take over an entire commercial property in just a short amount of time. Allowing them to grow and spread hurts the curb appeal of a property, especially one dependent on customer visits, like retail stores, restaurants, and business centers. If a commercial property is up for sale, or if space is available for commercial lease, it can be difficult to secure a buyer or renter with unsightly weed growth throughout the property. In addition, property values and curb appeal can plummet even further as plants, grass, and trees decline in health due to invasive weeds.

Blocks Drainage And Irrigation Systems

Because of their rapid growth, invasive weeds can expand and block out areas designated for drainage systems. They can clog drains and even completely cover grills meant to catch runoff rainfall. In addition, they can also interfere with irrigation systems, blocking sprinkler heads and disrupting the flow of irrigation spray. If left untreated, weed growth can contribute to property flooding as drainage systems fail during heavy rainfall or flash flooding in the area.

Weeds are a fast-growing and dangerous nuisance to commercial properties, which is why prompt removal and treatment are needed to preserve the life, beauty, and value of the land. LMC offers a full range of Weed Control Services, performed by Landscape Professionals who understand all facets of commercial landscape maintenance. Our team handles Weed Control, Bed and Border Maintenance, Vegetation Management for industrial sites, and Right of Way Maintenance. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!

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