A New Year’s Resolution For Your Commercial Property

A New Year’s Resolution For Your Commercial Property

As the end of another year approaches, many commercial property owners find themselves in the midst of budget preparation and analysis for the coming fiscal year. This preparation typically includes reviewing the past year’s expenses to see where improvements and adjustments can be made to promote financial stability and growth. A strategic step to streamlining your commercial property budget is to ensure you have a solid landscape management plan in place, as well as a multi-year landscape budget.

The benefits of a landscape management plan are two-fold: First, the landscape management plan establishes a routine for the commercial landscape maintenance care, which helps the property owners anticipate the necessary work needed to maintain the health of the lawn, trees and landscape gardens. The landscape management plan provides the property owner with the opportunity to help design and implement an exterior space that improves over time through strategic cultivation and landscape improvements that increase property value.

In addition, the landscape management plan assures the property owner that their property investment will be better protected against severe weather conditions, disease and pest issues, and drought, while also increasing the aesthetic value and curb appeal of the land. Rather than sporadic maintenance that compromises the health and vitality of the lawn, trees and landscape gardens, establishing regular landscape maintenance routines is a key factor in protecting the property and avoiding costly removal and replacement of plants and trees down the road.

Finally, the commercial property owner can rest easier with a multi-year landscape budget in place. This proactive financial solution offers commercial property owners the opportunity to forecast upcoming landscape budget expenses and plan for them proactively, avoiding costly expenses in the event of an emergency. A well-planned landscape plan provides the commercial property owner with a timetable of expected maintenance so that their multi-year budget can account for those various procedures, such as tree trimming and mulching in the fall, or increased irrigation system usage in the summer. This makes the overall landscape budgeting process more proactive and beneficial rather than reactive and costly.

For more information on how LMC can partner with you to establish and implement a proactive, cost-effective landscape management plan and multi-year budget, contact the landscape experts at LMC today. Request a consultation from their team or contact LMC directly for more information.

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