Why Is My Irrigation System Not Working?

Why Is My Irrigation System Not Working?

When spring arrives in Houston, many homeowners and commercial property managers resume regular lawn and landscape maintenance. This will often include restarting irrigation systems that were turned off during the colder winter months. However, some property owners discover that their irrigation system or sprinkler heads no longer functioning properly, so prompt maintenance and repair is critical to ensure lawns get the water they need in the spring growing season.

There are many potential causes of a sprinkler or irrigation system malfunction, so it’s important to have it inspected and maintained by a Landscape Professional to make sure problems are fixed correctly and efficiently. First, an irrigation system can stop working because of damage to sprinkler heads. Over time, sprinkler heads can be cracked or damaged due to lawnmowers, vehicles, or foot traffic. Also, sprinkler heads can stop functioning because of an accumulation of dirt or sediment in the sprinkler head. Dirt clogs in a sprinkler head can cause it to stop rising, stop spraying, spray erratically, or become stuck in the raised position.

Irrigation systems and sprinkler heads can also experience malfunctions because of problems with the system’s control panel or electrical components. A property is watered in sections called zones, and electrical problems can cause specific zones to stop functioning, or prevent the entire system from operating correctly. There can be voltage problems in the control panel to a specific zone, solenoid switches that operate control valves can fail, and fuses and transformers might need replacing. All of these electrical problems can be difficult and time-consuming to properly diagnose and repair for property owners.

Finally, irrigation systems can become ineffective over time if there are problems with water pressure to the sprinkler heads. Low water flow can be the result of nearby tree roots that block or crush water lines buried underground. Water pressure can also be reduced if there is a leak in the water line, which is normally indicated by areas of bubbling water or large wet patches in the lawn. Repairing these issues can tedious, especially if the irrigation system is installed on a large property with many water lines and sprinkler heads.  However, not repairing or replacing damaged lines can result in poor hydration for trees, lawn and gardens. 

For property owners concerned that their irrigation system is not fully functional, LMC can repair and maintain irrigation systems to ensure total property health and hydration. LMC’s team of Landscape and Irrigation Professionals can diagnose irrigation or sprinkler head issues and perform all needed repairs or replacements to restore full functionality. In addition, LMC also offers a full range of landscape and tree care services, including landscape maintenancetree trimmingtree plantingtree removalsoil analysissoil aerationmulchingtree disease and insect treatment, and deep root fertilization. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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