Aren’t All Soils and Mulches The Same?

Aren’t All Soils and Mulches The Same?

If your commercial property needs soil or mulch, do you know what kind you should buy? Do you feel overwhelmed at the many types of soil and mulch available on the market? The honest truth is that there isn’t one single type of soil or mulch that works for all properties. It’s important for property owners to understand that the variances in soils and mulches can make a huge impact on the health and beauty of your property. Today’s blog post will discuss the differences in soils and mulches, and why they matter to the immediate and long-term health of your property.

Soil Quality Matters

Some property owners mistakenly believe that dirt is just dirt, and that any kind of soil will help their lawn, gardens or trees. The reality is that there are huge variances in soil quality, and property owners should always strive to get soil from reputable, quality soil vendors. Some property owners buy their soil from vendors on the side of the road, only to realize that their new soil is contaminated with toxins, or may be full of rocks and dangerous debris. In addition, soil should be healthy, provide moisture, and offer nutrients and minerals that benefit nearby grass, plants and trees.

Choosing Compatible Soil

Another important factor to remember when buying soil is that there are variances in soil types even here in Texas. Although a majority of soil in the greater Houston area has a clay consistency, other areas may have sandy soil with differences in acidity and surface drainage. Soil compatibility ensures that the lawn, gardens, plants, and trees will not suffer due to differences in moisture retention, soil temperature, mineral content, acidity, or drainage.

Avoiding Cheap Mulches

Although many property owners realize the benefits of mulch, some choose to apply the cheapest and lowest quality mulch in order to save a few dollars. The harsh truth is that cheaper, lower quality mulches can actually harm the health, beauty and stability of a property, creating added expenses for the property owners in the long run. Lower quality mulches may throw off pH levels for plants, trees, and gardens, and they can also encourage the development of invasive tree and plant diseases. In addition, they can contain toxins or minerals that are harmful for your family or pets. Instead, property owners should always choose organic mulches that promote plant growth, protect root systems, and prevent weed growth.

LMC is pleased to offer Houston area commercial property owners top quality soil and mulches to enhance the health and beauty of properties for years to come. LMC’s Landscape Professionals can analyze current soil needs and add healthy soil or organic mulch to promote the immediate and long-term health of grass, gardens, and trees. Contact LMC today about our full range of soil and mulch solutions, or go online to request a free consultation today!

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