Four Ways Commercial Landscaping Can Attract Long-Term Tenants

Four Ways Commercial Landscaping Can Attract Long-Term Tenants

For commercial property owners and management companies, the ideal tenant is a stable, long-term tenant with a popular business to bring in customers on a regular basis. However, in Houston’s growing economy many commercial real estate owners and management companies must aggressively compete to win over these sought-after tenants, since price is not the sole factor for many potential tenants. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at four ways that beautiful commercial landscaping can attract long-term tenants.

Attracts Customers and Visitors

A commercial property may have a significant number of visitors and customers in a given day, but when a commercial property, retail center, or office complex offers stunning landscaping and healthy shade trees, then this keeps people on a commercial property for much longer. Retail shoppers and restaurant patrons are much more likely to linger and spend more when they have beautiful exterior spaces outside to enjoy, or shade trees to cool them and their vehicles as they shop. In fact, meticulously maintained landscape gardens and exotic plants can be a crown jewel in a commercial property, encouraging more repeat visitors.

Increased Property Value

Commercial real estate owners and management companies can also see an increase in overall property value due to exterior improvements and landscape features. These might include water fountains, the installation of rare or exotic flowers and plants, or exterior seating near shaded areas.  These increased property values can lead to securing more long-term lease tenants that may be attracted to the valuable real estate and desirable location. Ultimately, a beautiful and vibrant commercial landscape with healthy shade can increase both perceived and actual property values, benefitting property owners and their tenants.

Reduces Energy Bills

Another way long-term tenants and high profile businesses may be swayed is through reduced energy costs throughout the year due to strategic landscaping and tree planting. Healthy shade trees and large evergreen shrubs can provide vital shade and cooler temperatures in the summer, while in the winter they can also reduce wind gusts that would normally require additional heating costs. Correctly planted trees add beauty, visual focal points and lower heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

Increases Property Security

Strategically placed plants, trees, and shrubs can be excellent deterrents for thieves, vandals, and trespassers that might seek to cause damage to a commercial property. Evergreen trees and shrubs can provide privacy to businesses and their customers, while also securing windows and limiting other access points. Long-term tenants and their employees can feel more secure as they enter and exit the premises due to the added security and privacy that comes with healthy and lush shrubs and trees.

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