How Do I Protect My Property During Winter?

How Do I Protect My Property During Winter?

Winter can be one of the harshest seasons for the life of a tree or plant, even in Houston where our winters are relatively mild. Strong winds, heavy winter thunderstorms, and occasional icy precipitation can wreak havoc on plant and tree health, as well as property values and aesthetics. However, with a few proactive steps property owners can protect trees, plants, and even irrigation systems from damages. In today’s blog post, we’ll highlight three ways commercial property owners can better protect their property during the winter season in Houston.

Tree Pruning

One of the most important ways to protect trees from winter weather is to get professional, strategic tree pruning performed on all trees. Tree pruning prevents overgrown branches from snapping and falling onto nearby property or even individuals. In addition, winter tree pruning removes dead and damaged tree limbs during the tree’s dormant season, thus allowing the tree to better recover from pruning and thrive during the springtime growing season.

Winterizing Irrigation System

An important but often overlooked part of winter property preparation is winterizing irrigation systems. If irrigation systems are not properly protected from the elements, then icy temperatures can cause water pipes used in irrigation systems to freeze and burst. These ruptured pipes can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs to homes, business structures, or other outdoor areas of the property. In addition, ruptured irrigation pipes and valves can lead to skyrocketing utility costs for property owners as the water leakage might not be noticed right away.

Applying Mulch

Mulch application is also another important part of protecting your commercial property during the winter months. Healthy, organic mulch applied around trees and plants can help shield vulnerable tree roots from sharp drops in temperatures, and also helps protect moisture levels and soil nutrients. It can also help improve a property’s curb appeal and aesthetic value during a season when most properties do not look their best.

If you want to ensure your commercial property is well protected this winter, contact LMC about our full range of services for protecting trees and property health. Our safe, efficient, professional, and cost-effective services include Tree PruningIrrigation WinterizingMulch ApplicationCabling and BracingTree Removal, and Deep Root Fertilization. Contact the LMC office today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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