How To Makeover Your Property After A Tree Removal

How To Makeover Your Property After A Tree Removal

Tree removal from a commercial property can have a major impact on the aesthetic, environmental and economic value of the land. Whether the tree removal is by choice, or due to natural causes, it can leave a void in the landscape that reduces overall appeal and transforms the future of the property. Rather than leave an unattractive, empty space on the property, owners can makeover their commercial property after a tree removal to protect financial values as well as improving the look and health of the property.

There are three major ways to makeover or improve a commercial property after a tree removal. The most common option is to plant new trees nearby the existing tree site to improve the beauty of the property. Although trees cannot be planted in the exact same spot because of remaining underground root systems, trees can be planted nearby. A healthy replacement tree can help increase privacy for property owners, and in time will also provide valuable shade. This shade will ultimately help lower cooling costs and reduce energy usage on the commercial property.

Additionally, a barren blank space in a landscape can be vastly improved through the addition of seasonal plants and shrubs for a splash of vibrant color and beauty. Installing seasonal color plants can help draw attention away from an uneven landscape, or can be planted in the spot of the former tree to help disguise any unattractive areas left behind after the tree removal. Seasonal plants and shrubs also add stunning color and beauty, increasing curb appeal and property values.

Finally, a tree removal can provide property owners with the opportunity to get creative with their landscape design through the installation of ornamental stonework or water features. These can become a wonderful focal point for owners, visitors and neighbors to enjoy, and also help disguise or offset a property’s empty area due to tree removal. Ornamental stonework can be installed to provide a beautiful walkway or decorative art piece, and water features can create a serene and relaxing outdoor environment.

Tree removal does not have to result in an unattractive commercial property. Instead, it can be the catalyst for exciting and stunning changes in your landscape. LMC can help makeover and transform your outdoor spaces through exceptional landscape and tree care services. LMC’s team of Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists provides a full range of top-quality services, including landscape maintenanceseasonal color plantingtree plantingtree trimmingweed control services, ornamental stonework, and water features. LMC can also perform tree removal services to ensure your property is left healthy and ready for a landscape makeover. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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