LMC’s Landscape Consultants

LMC’s Landscape Consultants

Each of our commercial landscaping clients is paired with one of our Landscape Consultants when their contract begins. This position becomes the eyes and ears of our clients on their properties. Landscape Consultants forge a relationship with each client that allows them to work together on a proactive approach towards the health and beauty of their landscape. Our Landscape Consultants value the importance of keeping a constant eye on their commercial properties. We want to bring potential issues or opportunities to our clients consistently, alleviating the worry of their landscaping from their very full plates.

Building a relationship of trust and mutual interest in each commercial property with the property manager builds the value of our Landscape Consultants (LC). Our clients lean on the expertise of their LC which allows them to focus on other important factors of their buildings. Our goal is to be the solution to anything that comes up in the landscape of the building. If we don’t have the capacity to handle an issue, we will find a partner that can.

Each commercial landscaping contract is unique. Factors like seasonal color installation, commercial irrigation maintenance, fertilization, mulch installation and overseeding with rye grass are all overseen by our Landscape Consultants. The LC is the single point of contact for each commercial client, allowing them any easy source of information and assistance with every facet of their commercial landscaping contract. Our teams work together to plan ahead for each of these services. Seasonal color selection is planned approximately a year in advance which allows us to order directly from high-end seasonal color growers for the highest quality in our plantings. Proactively planning for what is to come allows our commercial landscaping to always look its best. Communication is key! Both between the Landscape Consultant and the commercial property manager as well as between the LC and each of the departments within LMC.

LMC’s Landscape Consultants are a cut above because of their commitment to the mission statement and values that are incorporated into the company. Respect, Teamwork, and Commitment to our Work. This commitment begins in the hiring process. Our leadership is focused on finding individuals who possess these qualities before they come into the LMC family. The culture of our company feeds new team members the tools to cultivate these values long-term. Building proactive relationships is the goal of LMC both with our clients and with each of our team members.


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