Location Makes All The Difference With Tree Planting

Location Makes All The Difference With Tree Planting

Trees can be a valuable and beautiful addition to any commercial property. However, if a tree is planted in an inappropriate location, it can significantly hinder its growth, health and beauty, as well as that of the surrounding property. Before making the investment of adding trees to a commercial property, it is imperative that Certified Arborists assess the property to identify the ideal location for tree planting. A tree’s location makes a huge difference in the immediate and also long-term growth and value of the tree and of the property.

Property owners will often have ideas about where they would like to see a tree planted. For some, it will be to provide shade to a business structure, whereas others might be interested in noise reduction or privacy. Trees are also often planted to add beauty and environmental value to a bare or plain site. Despite having great reasons for adding trees to a property, many property owners fail to grasp the full implications of a tree’s location, and end up stunting the tree’s health and growth potential by choosing an incorrect location.

Location matters in tree planting because of the tree type, expected growth patterns, and nearby building or structures. A tree’s ideal location will be determined in large part by the type of tree being planted on the commercial property. Too often, property owners will plant trees without investigating how much sunlight or room the tree needs to thrive, so trees planted incorrectly will have stunted or limited growth and will not provide the shade or beauty desired by the owner. As a result, property owners see diminished returns their tree investment, and may end up having to spend much more to remove and replace a weak or unattractive tree.

In addition, many property owners plant trees without researching the tree’s expected growth pattern or size. A tree planted for shade might end up completely blocking sunlight from hitting the rest of the property, leading to dying lawns and landscape gardens. Also, some trees may end up expanding out much further than anticipated, with branches that grow too close to power lines or root systems that interfere with underground utilities or irrigation systems.

Finally, a tree’s location is important because of nearby property and structures. As trees grow and expand, their roots can cause damage to nearby concrete walkways and driveways, foundations or even roads. Additionally, a tree’s growth and health can be severely hindered because of lack of available space for tree branches and roots to grow, causing the tree to be weakened. Also, a tree planted too close to an office building or retail structure is much more likely to cause structural damage in the event of severe weather, due to falling branches or toppled trees.

Tree planting projects are much more likely to be successful when Certified Arborists are involved to help select not only the right tree planting location, but also the right tree type for the property and the owner’s needs. LMC is pleased to offer Houston-area commercial property owners exceptional tree planting services, with experienced and degreed Certified Arborists to help ensure a successful tree planting project. LMC will safely and efficiently plant healthy trees in the most ideal location on the property, ensuring property owners receive the maximum benefit from their tree investment. LMC also offers tree trimmingtree removalcommercial landscapingemergency tree servicesdeep root fertilization, and irrigation installation and repair. Contact the Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals of LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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