Removing Trees For The Right Reasons

Removing Trees For The Right Reasons

Mature trees are almost always considered an asset on commercial properties, especially in Houston where shade is beneficial in reducing energy and cooling costs. Trees provide beauty, enhance our landscapes, and help with rainwater absorption to reduce flooding. Although trees often benefit the Houston area, there are a few instances where it becomes necessary to remove trees to preserve the long-term health and value of our property.

There are a few circumstances when commercial property owners need to have tree service professionals remove large trees instead of keeping them on the property. One of the most important reasons to have a large tree removed is because the tree has died or suffered major damage. Tree damage or tree death results in uneven trees or unstable branches that could fall off or topple at any time. Dead or heavily damaged trees are a serious threat to individuals as well as nearby property such as homes, office buildings, vehicles, and other structures. Dead or damaged trees are also a community eyesore and can negatively impact property values, particularly for those on the real estate market.

Additionally, commercial property owners might need tree removal services for diseased trees. In the Gulf Coast region, common tree diseases such as oak wilt fungus and anthracnose are devastating to tree health and can also quickly spread to nearby healthy trees. Diseased trees can also become weak and unstable over time, and can significantly damage the health, beauty and value of the overall property. Tree service professionals need to remove diseased trees as soon as possible to minimize damage, ensuring the disease does not spread through insects or tree debris on the property.

Finally, there are some instances where healthy and mature shade trees need to be removed from commercial properties for logistical or construction reasons. For example, industrial projects for road expansion or building construction may require land and existing trees to be cleared. Also, some healthy shade trees might have large root systems that interfere with underground utilities, concrete foundations and walkways, or roads and major streets.

Regardless of the specific reason, tree removal is a project that should always be handled by tree removal specialists like LMC. As Houston’s premiere full-service tree care company, LMC offers commercial property owners top-quality tree care work at competitive rates, all while utilizing industry-leading safety techniques. The Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals of LMC can handle all tree service and landscape needs such as tree trimmingtree removaltree plantinglandscapingirrigation installationdeep root fertilizationsoil analysis and aeration, and tree preservation. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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