The Importance of Proper Pruning

The Importance of Proper Pruning

Trees are an important part of the investment we make in our property, so proper care and maintenance is critical to tree health, our personal safety, and overall aesthetics. An important part of tree care is tree pruning, and when done correctly and safely by Certified Arborists, pruning can extend tree life and our enjoyment of them for many years.

Tree pruning promotes tree health through the removal of dead or weakened branches due to tree disease, insect or fungal infestations, severe weather, or other adverse conditions. In addition, regular pruning can also encourage stability in tree branch development so that trees are less susceptible to damage from severe weather conditions or other mitigating factors.

Secondly, personal safety is protected through the regular pruning of trees, shrubs and plants. The removal of dying or decayed branches protects our families from personal injury and protects our property from damage. Regular tree pruning also eliminates the dangers overgrown trees can cause when they grow too close to utility lines, or hinder the line of sight from roads and driveways.

Professionally trained tree care experts make proper arboriculture cuts called collar cuts, at limb laterals, resulting in the proper healing process for the tree. When limbs are simply cut to clear an obstruction, they are often cut to a fixed distance from that object. When this type of pruning exists, the tree becomes structurally weaker and compromises tree health. Tree pruning performed by trained professionals promotes long-term tree health and protects your property investment.

Finally, tree pruning benefits the overall aesthetic of trees by stimulating fruit and flower production, and also enhances the tree’s natural shape and beauty. In addition, tree pruning can also promote tree growth to provide additional shade or provide hedging and privacy. When a tree is well pruned, it grows to a controlled size appropriate for its location and climate, and adds to the value of property.

Tree pruning is a job with many rewards, but also carries a great deal of risk and requires skill, safety training, and proper equipment. For your tree pruning needs, contact the Certified Arborists at LMC. Their experienced team can assess your tree pruning needs, provide tree pruning and debris removal services safely and efficiently, and can enhance the health and beauty of your trees for years to come. Request a visit from the LMC team, or contact LMC for more information.

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