Three Ways Cabling and Bracing Trees Can Save Money

Three Ways Cabling and Bracing Trees Can Save Money

Owning a commercial property is an important investment, so property owners are often eager to protect their property health, beauty and value, especially for properties with shade trees. Cabling and Bracing is a tree care service that preserves tree health and helps property owners realize tremendous financial savings on a long-term basis. In today’s blog post, we’ll explain the Cabling and Bracing process, and three ways it can save property owners money.

What Is Cabling and Bracing?

Cabling and bracing rods are structural supports for trees that have become weak and unstable due to uneven growth or damage, preventing them from supporting their own weight. Unstable and weak trees can result in branch or trunk failure and cause personal injuries, major property damage, and tree death. Cables can redistribute the structural stress of weak branches, and bracing rods can help support weaker branches and limbs. Younger trees can also benefit from cabling and bracing to ensure proper growth and stability. Commercial property owners can minimize potential damages, liability, injuries and tree death through professional cabling and bracing services from Certified Arborists.

Financial Benefit #1: Reduces Property Damage and Personal Injury

Weakened or damaged trees without cabling and bracing support can easily cause expensive property damage to nearby structures such as businesses, homes, vehicles, equipment, fencing, and utility lines. The threat for damage and injury is even higher during hurricane season when strong winds and storms can further threaten tree stability. In addition, trunk or limb failures can also lead to major personal injuries or even death, exposing the property to major financial liability. However, cabling and bracing services can significantly reduce the likelihood of a tree’s structural failure, and prevent devastating damages or injuries.

Financial Benefit #2: Promotes Long-Term Health of Trees

Trees are important assets to any commercial property, and protecting mature shade trees with cabling and bracing services can prolong the health and lifespan of these valuable assets. Cabling and bracing protects tree stability and tree health, allowing the tree to thrive for many more years. Property owners are spared the expense of tree removal and tree replacement, and can focus a larger portion of their landscape and tree budget on other areas of their property.

Financial Benefit #3: Lowers Future Energy Costs

Healthy and secure shade trees will grow to provide valuable shade for commercial property owners. In Houston, tree shade reduces cooling and energy costs for property owners, and can also increase the beauty and property value of the land for potential buyers. This is especially critical in Houston’s competitive real estate market, where healthy and stable trees can make a huge impact in the value and sale of a commercial lot.

LMC is pleased to offer Houston commercial property owners a full range of expert tree care services. LMC’s team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals can assess your property’s health and tree stability to determine if cabling and bracing services are needed, and can install support cables and bracing rods in an efficient, professional and safe manner. All LMC team members perform their work in compliance with ANSI A300 tree care industry standards. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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