The Wrong Places To Plant Trees

The Wrong Places To Plant Trees

While trees are important assets to any commercial property, planting them in the wrong location can significantly diminish their long-term value, health, and beauty. The specific area chosen for tree planting might be ideal when the tree is young and not fully mature, but as it grows it may require much more soil, sunlight, and space in order to grow to its full potential. Today’s blog post will look at three places that should never be considered when planting trees on commercial properties. Avoiding tree planting mistakes can help ensure that trees are able to grow healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Easements or Narrow Spaces

One of the worst places to plant a healthy tree is in easements or narrow spaces with little soil or room to grow. Trees that are planted in narrow locations may have a harder time getting the sunlight, water, and soil minerals needed for optimal health. In addition, trees planted in easements may create legal complications between property owners and city or municipal agencies. Government entities may be able to claim ownership of trees planted in these areas because of deed or property restrictions regarding easements.

Next To Buildings or Concrete Surfaces

Many tree varieties planted in Texas depend on ample space for tree root expansion so the tree can easily gain the nutrients and soil minerals needed for healthy growth. However, trees planted next to buildings or concrete surfaces may lack the underground space needed for roots to fully expand outwards. Their roots may only be able to push down, and not out, resulting in unstable trees. In addition, as the roots attempt to push outward, they will likely cause property damage to nearby building foundations, underground plumbing, and sidewalks and driveways. These structural damages can prove costly for property owners.

Near Power Lines

Too often, property owners make the mistake of misjudging the future growth and height of their tree, instead focusing too much on their short-term needs and growth expectations for the tree. This often results in trees being planted too close to utility lines since homeowners don’t know or miscalculate the future height and expansion of their tree. Trees should always be planted as far from power lines as possible to avoid any potential electrocutions or contact between the limbs and power lines.

Location is a major component of successful tree planting, and LMC is committed to ensuring young trees get the best start possible for many years of future growth, health, and beauty. LMC’s team of Certified Arborists performs tree planting throughout the greater Houston area for commercial property owners in need of new trees. Property owners can have peace of mind knowing that their tree investment is handled with the utmost care, safety and professionalism. LMC handles all aspects of tree planting, from property inspection to determine ideal planting sites, to recommending specific tree varieties for the owner’s needs, to correctly planting and maintaining the tree for years to come. Contact LMC today about their full range of tree planting and tree care services, or go online to request a free consultation today!

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