Four Advantages of Adding Landscape Lighting To Commercial Properties

Four Advantages of Adding Landscape Lighting To Commercial Properties

In the daytime, commercial properties are easily visible to individuals driving, walking or riding by, but at night some commercial properties struggle to make their business, entryways and signage clearly visible. The addition of strategically placed landscape lighting can make a huge impact in both the basic visibility of a commercial property, and also the overall aesthetic of the commercial site. There are four distinct advantages to adding landscaping lighting to commercial properties that we’ll focus on today.

Increases Safety of Property and People

One of the most immediate benefits of adding landscape lighting to commercial properties is the increase in personal safety for employees, customers and guests. Strategic landscape lighting reduces the likelihood of falls and trips, reducing potential liability for commercial property owners. In addition, landscape lighting can keep visitors and employees safe from thieves or other criminals by eliminating hiding places, and also reduces burglaries and property theft as well.

Offers Stunning Evening Views

Landscape lighting can help create dramatic and beautiful views on commercial sites by highlighting property features such as seasonal plants and flowers, water fountains, and architectural focal points. When done correctly, landscape lighting on commercial sites offers flattering views of trees, plants, buildings and landscape décor that might otherwise look ordinary in the daytime. The neighboring community benefits as well by having a beautiful landscape to enjoy in the evening, increasing foot traffic and customer visits.

Gives An Edge Over Nearby Competitors

Commercial property owners that choose landscape lighting give their business a competitive edge over nearby businesses. Strategic landscape lighting allows nighttime drivers and pedestrians to clearly see business signs, entrances, parking and walking areas. Creative lighting features also help businesses stand out and attract positive attention.

Provides Green Benefits

Finally, commercial landscape lighting provides green benefits to companies looking to make a positive impact on the local environment. Low voltage lights and solar lights require minimal electrical use while still providing beneficial evening light. In addition, the reduced energy usage results in lower utility costs for property owners and managers.

LMC offers stunning, strategic commercial landscape lighting for commercial sites throughout the greater Houston area. Property owners and manager reap tremendous benefits from a simple but effective addition to their commercial site. In addition to offering commercial landscaping lighting services, LMC offers a full range of commercial management services, including commercial landscape maintenance, tree pruningtree plantingtree removalweed control servicesirrigation installation, and seasonal planting and mulching. Contact LMC today for more information on their Commercial Management Services, or go online to request a free consultation today!

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