The Most Common Problems On Commercial Properties

The Most Common Problems On Commercial Properties

In Houston, commercial property purchases and development are commonplace as our lower real estate costs, proximity to the Gulf Coast, and booming oil and gas industries make our city attractive to businesses. However, maintaining commercial properties is not a simple process, and many property owners can experience a variety of problems that can jeopardize the health, value and beauty of their commercial real estate investment. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three common problems found on commercial properties, and how they can negatively impact commercial property owners. Proactive steps to curb these problems can save commercial property owners valuable time, energy and money.

Unattractive Or Dying Trees

One of the biggest eyesores on any commercial property is a tree that is unattractive due to poor maintenance, or a dead tree with no aesthetic value. Trees like this can create a negative first impression for potential clients, vendors or even neighboring residents and business owners within the area. Poorly maintained or dead trees can also be a liability issue for commercial property owners as broken or damaged tree limbs can fall onto unsuspecting victims or nearby property, causing injuries or damage.

Lack Of Vegetation Management

Another area of concern for commercial property owners is in regards to Vegetation Management, which is the process of controlling and removing noxious and invasive weeds to promote property beauty and health. Commercial property owners that fail to secure regular Vegetation Management services end up with commercial sites full of overgrown brush and persistent weed growth that can threaten the health of surrounding grass, plants and trees.

Poor Landscaping and Lighting

For commercial property owners, especially those in high traffic areas, it is essential to have entrances that welcome and invite customers, vendors and employees through lush landscaping and seasonal plants. Too often, commercial property owners have little to no attractive landscaping near entrances or pedestrian areas, often giving a negative first impression. In addition, commercial property owners sometimes fail to ensure they have adequate and strategic landscaping lighting to highlight entrances and business names in the evening. This can make it harder for customers to locate a business in the evening hours, possibly leading them to take their business elsewhere. It can also make it easier for criminals to vandalize or rob a business because of the lack of business lights.

LMC has extensive experience helping commercial property owners make their sites safer, healthier and more beautiful to protect their investment. LMC offers a full suite of commercial landscape and tree services, including Commercial Landscape ManagementTree PruningTree PlantingWeed Control ServicesVegetation ManagementSeasonal Planting, Landscape Lighting, and Irrigation Installation. Contact LMC’s team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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