Does My Commercial Landscape Need Soil Aeration?

Does My Commercial Landscape Need Soil Aeration?

Commercial property owners often look for ways to help their business stand out and attract positive attention and customer visits. A way to encourage this is when commercial lawns and landscape are always stunning and healthy in appearance. For commercial property owners, this can be accomplished with Soil Aeration. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss why commercial landscapes need soil aeration, and the many benefits it offers to landscapes and lawns.

Promotes Plant Health

Soil aeration is the process of removing small 2-inch plugs of soil all across a lawn, creating a wide area of small holes. These holes allow more oxygen and water to reach grass roots, plant roots, and tree roots. In addition, it helps break apart soil that can become compacted due to foot or equipment traffic, or hardened by drought conditions. Roots have an easier time growing and expanding outward, increasing the stability of grass, plants, and trees.

Reduces Soil Runoff and Erosion

Another benefit to soil aeration for commercial properties is that is reduces soil runoff and erosion, which can be a common problem for Houston property owners with hard soil. Soil erosion can leave plants, trees, and grass more vulnerable to the elements, diseases, and insects as roots lose the protection and nutrients provided by the soil. In addition, soil runoff can contaminate nearby water sources and leave a property looking unappealing. The removal of soil plugs during soil aeration protects commercial properties by allowing the soil to better absorb water from irrigation systems, rains or flash floods.

Provides Opportunity For Landscape Repair

Over time, commercial lawns can become damaged due to heavy foot traffic or drought conditions, resulting in bare or thin patches of grass. This can be repaired with soil aeration, as the small holes left by aerating the soil are ideal for overseeding the grass. The applied grass seed can better penetrate the soil and begin flourishing in the once-bare spots. This is an environmentally friendly and effective way to repair bare spots or improve areas with little grass growth.

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